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Animal Friends pet insurance

No. 1 The Crescent
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phone: 0344 557 0300

One of the most popular pet insurance providers in the UK. Offers seven different plans.

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Reviews of Animal Friends pet insurance

1/5   Animal friends   25 July 2017

Reviewed By: Jane, Recommend:

Animal friends - warning ........ do not use ......... We had an insurance policy with this company for our pedigree birman cat Max who unfortunately had to be put to sleep last November aged 3 with FIP. I submitted everything from the vet and Animal friends took their time and after chasing them several times eventually paid for the tests and euthanasia less excess. Today I contacted them to take out insurance for our new kitten and in the course of my conversation about their different policies discovered from the operative that I could have claimed at the time of Max's death for compensation for the initial cost of Max. Max cost us 350. The operative said I was out of the 90 days claim period and asked me if I hadn't been advised at the time that I could claim. No one at Animal Friends advised us that we were entitled to this and I have been told today that after 90 days you are unable to claim. I asked to speak to a manager who also said I now couldn't claim and then initially told me that I wouldn't have been able to claim for Max as you can only claim for death of a pet after they reach the age of 10, when I kept questioning this he went away to check and said he was sorry that information about age was wrong. Again I asked why I wasn't advised at the time that I could claim and he said that I should have read all my policy paperwork and it is not down to Animal Friends to advise you of what you are entitled to. I informed this 'manager' that I was extremely upset and would write a review regarding my dealings with Animal Friends

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1/5   BEWARE   25 July 2017

Reviewed By: Dale Coleman, Recommend:

They tried to claim that my can had a serious bladder infection because of a behavioural issue and denied the 250 claim. DO NOT GET THIS INSURANCE. If you already have then then id advise to change ASAP.

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5/5   Animal Friends were Brilliant!   20 July 2017

Reviewed By: Jenny, Recommend:

I'm very surprised by all these negative reviews. Our rescue Springer had to have a cataract operation at the tender age of 2. He had already lost the sight in one eye and this operation has at least saved some of his sight although he has severe retinal damage as well. The cost of the treatment was slightly more than I was covered for but Animal Friends paid out with no quibbles and very quickly. I wonder how many people actually read their policies but we received exactly what was expected from the policy. I would recommend Animal Friends - value for money for me!

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1/5   Cowboys Incorporated!   17 July 2017

Reviewed By: Julie Jaques, Recommend:

It appears we all have the same problem with these cowboys!! I took my dog for an annual booster and the vet asked (as they always do) how Maddie was doing, I said that she was absolutely fine, slowing down a bit and finding stairs a bit harder but this was only as expected as she's now 13.5yrs old. 3 weeks later I noticed a change in Maddie on walks & she didn't seem herself so we went to the vet & subsequently she had liver function tests and an ultrasound, this showed changes in her liver function & she had lost some weight over the course of 12 months, I was told the weight loss could be because of a reduction in muscle mass (not unusual in older dogs) and she was prescribed tablets for both diagnosis. Animal Friends inform me that because I said she was slowing down to how she used to be this is a pre existing condition and they're refuse to honour the claim, they also refused the claim regarding the Liver function and said they were attaching a new exclusion that includes any illness connected with the liver as of todays date, backdated to October 2016, something that was never set out in the exclusions before. Remind meagain why I've been paying 30per month to these cowboys!!!

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1/5   do not go near   13 July 2017

Reviewed By: Mal, Recommend:

My dog was really ill with a Pyrometra Uterus infection, we ran up a bill for 1500, stuck the claim in and declined. Evidently it linked to the reproductive system and therefore you can not claim. Its an infection of the Uterus and I know that is part of the reproductive system, but based on that you are screwed for everything around that area. Disgraceful not go near.

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5/5   Good for my older dog   13 July 2017

Reviewed By: Julia, Recommend:

Insured my older dog with them for the last years of his life - unlike many insurance companies they accepted him for cover at the age of (I think) 11 years. Made a few claims with them, including the final one when I lost him last year. With each claim found the settlement to be fair and prompt. No increase in renewal premiums (was paying under 25 p/m for dog of 16 on one of their top policies) which I think is very fair. There is a % contribution as well as an excess so worth doing some sums before committing to get a prediction of what a sample average claim of about 500 might cost. Very happy with my dealings with Animal Friends. Please remember that it is very important to read the policy booklet with particular attention to the exclusions for vet fees on any insurance policy before making a commitment to avoid disappointment at claim stage.

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1/5   Insurance Cowboys   13 July 2017

Reviewed By: Linda Roberts, Recommend:

Refusing to pay for my dogs treatment as claiming it was an ongoing condition - my dog had never had any treatment for his heart beforehand but 3 yrs before the vet had noted in his annual checkup that he had a slight murmur I'm now left to pay 950 for his tests and treatment - absolutely disgusted I will be taking this further about time it was mentioned on TV how bad they are in paying out!!

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1/5   Avoid!!!   10 July 2017

Reviewed By: Janine Seddon, Recommend:

Our old dog developed a deep ulcer after a trauma to the eye and had to be operated on as an emergency in order to save the eye, but Animal Friends refused to pay the claim as he had conjunctivitis 5 years previously!! Even though the surgeon wrote to them to explain that this was totally unrelated, they still refuse - so upsetting.

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1/5   Don't use this company!   8 July 2017

Reviewed By: Dawn H, Recommend:

Do not use this company, pay extra and use a reliable insurer! We were with Animal friends for over 7 years. Our springer had to have emergency treatment for a prolapsed bowel. This happened 3 times over a period of 6 weeks. Test rests also showed polyps. Due to her age (11) the vet advised the best thing would be to have her put down as she was too old to have the infected bowel removed. In total we spent about 2800. Animal friends refused to pay anything towards the treatment informing us that 2 years previously she'd been seen by the vet for blood in her poo. They were told that this was nothing to do with the prolapse, but they disagreed and refused to pay a penny. If we'd never had the insurance and put the money away each month we would've had enough to pay the bill! Customer service is poor and they refuse to listen, looking for any way of getting out of paying for a claim. Disgraceful company. I'd never recommend these and in hindsight wished I'd have paid more and gone with a decent company. Even our vet said she didn't think we'd get anything as they are one of the worse companies.

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1/5   Do not pick animal Friends   6 July 2017

Reviewed By: Howard , Recommend:

My dog has just fallen I'll my vets are sending her to Newmarket to have 3d scans and run tests. Newmarket sent a pre claim form to animal Friends pet insurance my insurance with them says I'm cover up to 4000 the vets have said treatment scans ect with cost around 3000 they think she has cancer I'm her bladder animal Friends has said they won't pay anything as she's hi ad a urine infection before which is nothing to do with cancer. Very poor customer service very unhelpful. never again will I chose them. I would keep well way. Even my vets wrote to them saying saying her past bladder infection is nothing to do with this cancer they is no reason to you shouldnt cover this. . They Still won't pay out. I have be insured with them for 4 years and never tryed to claim until now. I pay 25 month for 4 years can't believe what a joke this company is.

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3/5   Cat insurance   6 July 2017

Reviewed By: Louise, Recommend:

I have heard bad things although in the past I have had only minor things to claim for as dental is not included. One of my cats is nearing 15 and I just cancelled as paying over 25 a month and knowing that there is a excess and I have still pay a % because of his age makes me realise insurance is a rip off whoever it is with. A friend said to me they are all a scam and I guess fear kept me insuring my cats just like boosters did.. but I have decided we are better of saving the money in another account than paying any company. Let's hope they let me cancel immediately! I remember when they were a good company and it seems they just like others find any excuse not to pay! Crazy world we live in!

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2/5   Disappointed   30 June 2017

Reviewed By: Esther, Recommend:

I had had this policy for five years without any having to use it. Unfortunately, my beloved six year old siamese cat became suddenly unwell over the weekend. Unfortunately, he was found lymphoma which was too far progressed to be treated and needed to be put to sleep. I was really shocked by the fact that a significant portion of the bill was not covered and also their general attitude. I didn't really have the emotional strength to query it at the time but since dealing with other insurance companies I wish I had questioned it at the time.

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1/5   Do not use this company   27 June 2017

Reviewed By: Bella, Recommend:

When my dog was spayed in 2016 l notice a small swelling on her belly took her to the vet and he said it was a stitch on her tubes no worry just keep a eye on it in 2017 in May the groomer said it got bigger went back to the vet who cut it out cost of 400 pounds put a claim in told l had to pay the first 99 pounds so l did just to be told today that as the vet had seen it in 2016 they refused the claim as it was over a year that the vet saw it first wot a load of robbers going to take them to the small claims court

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1/5   Animal Friends? What a joke!   26 June 2017

Reviewed By: A. Sheldon , Recommend:

This company is disgusting and I would strongly advise anyone to avoid them. My Cocker spaniel has had x3 operations in 6 months. The 1st was teeth cleaning and removal. Fair enough it's in the policy, they won't pay. The 2nd, was a tumour to his rectum which was caused by being uncastrated. From this bill of almost 500 they actually paid 200. They broke the bill down completely as to what they would cover, then took off the excess, and 35% as our dog is over 8. Then 2 weeks ago our dog stopped eating and was in alot of pain in his mouth. His gums on examination were in a terrible state and we were told it was highly likely to be an aggressive mouth cancer and he needed an urgent biopsy. This was performed the next day. The biopsy was luckily clear, but unfortunately as the end diagnosis was ? An infection "Animal Friends" won't pay a penny. So please beware, that when you think diagnostic investigations are covered, if the end diagnosis isn't covered in their policy they won't pay any of your bill. The customer service department could not care less. I will never use this company again, I would rather save the money in a bank account. No claims for 10 and a half years, and when you need them they have paid 200 out of 1600 worth of bills!

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1/5   Absolutlely dispicable company. Do not use them!   21 June 2017

Reviewed By: Mila, Recommend:

Similar experience to previous reviews. Please do not use this company. We'd had our rescue dog for less than 2 weeks and she picked up a bout of diarrhea with spots of blood. AS new dog owners we were a little worried. It continued for a weeks but eventually cleared up. Our claim was of course refused because of the 14-day wait period which I wasn't contesting. What I find abhorrent is that they placed an exclusion on ALL future digestive related issues for the life of the policy! I contested the decision via their claims process and sent evidence that our dog's issue was not as first prescribed by the Vet. This was proved by the Pathology test reports I obtained from Axiom Veterinary Laboratories Ltd. They still upheld their decision to have the exclusion in place regardless of the evidence provided. There customer service is diabolic also. I called other insurance providers who have agreed this decision is very harsh and unusual. They wouldn't even refund the variance of my monthly instalment. I'm considering reporting this company to the Ombudsman but I warn anyone, do not use this company.

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1/5   Disgusted with Animal friends   7 June 2017

Reviewed By: David white, Recommend:

having paid my policy with Animal friends religiously for 8 years, my cocker spaniel had to go in for emergency tests, my policy said I was covered for 1000.00 for emergency treatment, the tests found she had a tumour and we had to have her put down, total cost 970.00 Animal friends said we were not entitled to anything as she had a wart removed 3 years previously so therefore we were not covered for warts growths tumours etc, the vet even backed us up and said the tumour was not related to the wart, even so Animal friends refused to give us a penny, they may be animal friends but they are definitely not friends of people who pay them money.

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 I had an issue claiming for my cat but after a complaint against them in the form of a formal letter explaining why they were wrong it was quickly overdrawn and I had a BACS payment take it further with them I think they like to see who will roll over for them and pay!!

comment by: Gabbi, 31 July 2017
1/5   Animal not friendly pet insurance   21 May 2017

Reviewed By: Gary Jones , Recommend:

Poor customer service no response to complaint independent review carried out by their own department use the excuse of a preexisting condition to get out of claid settlement

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1/5   Avoid Like The Plaque   17 May 2017

Reviewed By: Barley, Recommend:

They take your money then find every possible reason to avoid paying out when you most need them to. Never made a claim in the 6 years I was with them, then when my dog cancer and we had to have him put to sleep they declined much of my claim, paying out 260 of a 900 claim. Ignore the adverts, they are just there to draw you in and get your premium.

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1/5   they catch you out!   17 May 2017

Reviewed By: Karen, Recommend:

If you have submitted a claim and you receive a message from Animal Friends questioning the onset of symptoms PLEASE watch out and speak to your vet before responding because they simply catch out honest customers. My dog was diagnosed with cystitis and underwent 400 of diagnostic tests. They sent me an e mail asking when symptoms started (vomiting) I admitted that she had brought up saliva occasionally as a puppy and they are refusing to cover it because they say it is a pre-existing condition!

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 The same has happened to me.Total amount 127.55 claimed. After 2 months and 3 phone calls finally received a payment of 15.35 Policy excess 99 less 35% 'co-payment'because our cat is over 10

comment by: Mitcheson, 18 July 2017
1/5   Avoid like the plague   15 May 2017

Reviewed By: Liz Tuite, Recommend:

In January my 16 week old American Bulldog at the time had a bad case of roundworms and was vomiting. This was treated and cleared up by the vet. We took out a policy with AF and informed them upfront of a condition with his front legs (being honest as you do) but they wanted to see his medical history. From this they found the word vomiting and put any claims for the digestive system as an exclusion on the policy! My dog now 7 months old has since had to have an x-ray and endoscopy as we believed he had swallowed something he shouldn't have (a foreign body), totally unrelated to his digestive system as it shouldn't have been there. I have today been informed they have rejected my claim due to the exclusion. An absolute joke. I have made a complaint and will be cancelling if they do not consider the situation looking at the full picture instead of just picking out what they want from it and making up ridiculous exclusions. From reading all the reviews on here, it seems I am not the only one!

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1/5   Disgusted at heartless, unhelpful staff   8 May 2017

Reviewed By: Charlotte Cheetham, Recommend:

Our labrador had to be out down over a month ago and straight afterwards I rang Animal Friends to inform them. They only pay out 99 for euthanasia so I was unable to make a claim after my excess amount was paid. I cancelled the policy but was still charged for the monthly premium 2 weeks later. After informing them of their mistake they apologised and promised to close the policy and repay the amount taken from my account. I am still waiting for the money and had a surly young woman on the phone who told me that the refund has not yet been processed and was unable to let me know when or whether it would be processed. I would advise that you seriously consider other Pet Insurance Providers before taking out pet insurance.

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1/5   Tax haven in Gibraltar...aka Animal Friends   5 May 2017

Reviewed By: Eleanor, Recommend:

Disgusting company! Stay well away. Our dog was diagnosed pyometra. Vets said, of course they'll pay for this condition. 1700 later claim goes in, 3 weeks later we chase up claim to find out its denied as its a pre-existing illness. Since when was needing an emergency hystoterectamy with no previous signs an existing illnes?!. Lady on the phone also said, you can try to dispute but I doubt it will work. How the hell does a customer service representative know that as a fact. Something isn't right here. Its theft. Cowboys! P.s. Check out their tax haven info. Charity my a***e, sir Philip green probably owns them.

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1/5   NOT WORTH USING   2 May 2017

Reviewed By: Claire, Recommend:

We have had insurance for our lovely dog for the past 3 years with Animal Friends. Sadly, we had to have her put to sleep on Saturday due to severe arthritis. I called them to cancel the insurance today and they guy I spoke to didn't even say how sorry he was to here of her passing. He just said 'ok I will cancel the insurance, is there anything else I can help you with'. Now, to call themselves Animals Friends, you would have thought they would have had some compassion. We used to use Tesco Pet Insurance and all the people we spoke to there, to make claims etc were lovely. Seems they only want the money and couldn't care less if your pet passes. Only used them because Tesco's premium doubled.I will not use them again when he have our next pet.

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1/5   Absolute robbery !   26 April 2017

Reviewed By: Natalie , Recommend:

I have a almost 9 year old bichon frise I was told she has a slight heart murmur around 2 1/2 years ago but was told not to worry and she needed no medicine after taking her to the vets last week with breathing problems she has enlarged heart and now 1530 later after an x ray and heart scan they won't pay out as I never told them about this ! The vets are as useless only asking what I was insured up to guessing so they could run the bill up ! I was told it would never be classed as a condition as she never received treatment or medication for this. I also know that heart murmurs can disappear quite easily. They are con artists and I would advise anyone to cancel and go with another company I also have another dog I will be definitely cancelling asap

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1/5   AVOID!!!!!!!!!   24 April 2017

Reviewed By: Sam, Recommend:

Avoid this company!!!! They will not pay out for Claims. They really don't care about you or your animals. My poor boy has had a nail bed infection and because he had another problem a year ago with the same foot which I did not claim for they are telling me its the same problem and it's not. I will not be staying with them

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1/5   AVOID   21 April 2017

Reviewed By: JOLLIFFE, Recommend:

Animal Friends, what a joke! My 4 yr old Labrador needed a course of antibiotics for an infection arising from an injury, together with various tests to confirm diagnosis resulting in vet's bill of 500. These people initially refused payment stating that condition was due to excess weight.Our vet contacted them to confirm it was as a result of an injury. Claim then refused again with company now stating this was a result of a pre existing condition! I would not recommend this firm to anyone.

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1/5   Co operative payment   21 April 2017

Reviewed By: Anonymous , Recommend:

Very disappointed that we have to pay extra. I feel the monthly insurance premium is already very high.

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1/5   Dreadful insensitivity   14 April 2017

Reviewed By: Jax, Recommend:

My dog died recently. And I have had two calls from animal friends asking why we cancelled direct debit. Both times they then said. Oh I see from the notes your dog died this call is in error! How hard would it be to read notes before they called. This has made worse the fact they paid out virtually none of our bills by citing small print restrictions we were unaware of. AVOID THIS COMPANY

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2/5   Disappointed   10 April 2017

Reviewed By: Robina, Recommend:

Polished pre-sale and customer service but be aware of the difficulties of claiming and the small print if you are insuring an older, rescue animal, as I have. I declared a known existing condition when I took out this insurance. Subsequently, my cat showed signs of another condition that I wasn't aware of until the vet diagnosed it. My claim was rejected on the basis that the condition was pre-existing when I took the policy out; the fact I didn't know was irrelevant. My latest claim has just been rejected on the basis it's "routine treatment without the presence of infection". Presumably, had I have left the cat suffering with this condition( impacted anal glands) until such time as they did become infected, my claim would have been allowed. Indeed, I wouldn't classify blocked anal glands as routine, the same category as nail clipping and grooming, in any event. So my best efforts to provide responsible, reactive insurance cover for my pet were wasted and I have cancelled this policy

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1/5   Very unhappy customer   5 April 2017

Reviewed By: Anne, Recommend:

They just rip you off in my experience, have been paying money to them for a few years for my border collie and have never made a claim. Have just made a claim for an operation and they have rejected it.when I qeiried it they were very stroppy about it. What a load of cowboys. I would definitely not recommend them to anyone.

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1/5   Animal friends are a shambles - they don't pay out   2 April 2017

Reviewed By: Emily Kellett, Recommend:

Animal friends are a shambles. I have cat insurance with Animal Friends for 3 cats, all on a non-lifetime policy. I have twice tried to claim (for two different cats) and both times have been rejected - quoting the '365 day lapse' of both 'conditions'.... that being a complete lie. 1. The first time, I tried to claim for Basil's skin treatment. They wrote to be on 3 occasions asking me to confirm the date when I first noticed the condition, despite me filling this in on the form I sent to them. They ignored my responses so I had to call. I did this while on a break in work, thinking it would be an informal conversation to inform them of what I had already informed you. The claims advisor asked if he had ever shown signs before of a skin condition... I said something along the lines of 'no, cats have little scabs on their skin often but it hasn't ever been in this way'. This conversation, which I thought was chatty, informal and not something which would make my claim void (I'd already answered the question on two occasions) was then rejected, and they stated that it had been over 365 days since I 'noticed the condition' and therefore I couldn't claim. 1. Why were my first two responses not accepted, but an informal chat where no dates were confirmed or spoken about was? 2. I was told, whilst complaining about this, that someone would review the call and get back to me. Nobody did, and therefore this complaint is still outstanding. 2.This week I've been told I can't claim for Pedro's stomach rash/skin condition, which started in October 2016. The reason stated is because of 'plaque on upper lip' which was noted during a check-up in 2015. The lip plaque was never treated - nor did it ever need to be. It was simply an observation from my vet at that time. The vet has confirmed the two have nothing to do with each other, but they are insisting they know more than my vet. The claims advisor said the claims handlers are 'Veterinary trained', however he confirmed that they are not Vets, nor have they every examined my cat. 1. Why does a claims handler know more about my Cat's condition/diagnosis than my Vet, who has physically examined him? 2. Why did they not let me know at renewal that Pedro was registered as having a 'skin condition' and therefore would not be able to claim for any further skin conditions? If theh had let me know this, I would have been able to make a more informed decision about my claim in the future and sought advice from my Vet 3. Jack in Customer Services said that my Vet's word would not be sufficient, and that I would need 'Reasoning' and 'Evidence' that the two conditions weren't linked. I asked Jack what exactly 'reasoning' and 'evidence' meant, but he could not tell me. I would propose that the two would come from my Vet, who is trained to be able to give such 'reasoning' and 'evidence' - but apparently not. Along with this, the claim handler was rude on the phone, he would not let a very frustrated customer speak, was sighing on the call and clearly had no intention of helping. There was no mention of my loyalty as a customer, having been with them for 4+ years and having 3 cats with them. There was also no apology for the length of time the claim has taken, for the lack of communication around his apparent omitted cover and no mention of the fact that this is my second 'failed' claim. The staff have been rude, unhelpful and the service I have received has been very poor. I also have had no response on social media, which after some research I can see why - due to lots of other complaints being on the internet about them. I am now out of pocket by over 200, excluding the excess I would have had to pay on the two cases. Don't trust them or waste your money. Pay more for a better more trustworthy service !

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