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Animal Friends pet insurance

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phone: 0344 557 0300

One of the most popular pet insurance providers in the UK. Offers seven different plans.

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Reviews of Animal Friends pet insurance

1/5   steer clear of animal friends   18 February 2017

Reviewed By: Julie, Recommend:

insured my puppy the day after his previous puppy insurance expired and was told there was a 14 day waiting period which I understand. However on the 15th day ( out of the 14 day waiting period) he was playfighting with other dog and was diagnosed with cherry eye a couple of days after this again through playing his other eye want i paid for the surgery however they refused to pay saying it was on the 14th day when it was not and gave now excluded his eyes and sight from any other claims. really not happy with this cancelled both policies i had with them for both my dogs and have now complained.

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1/5   Beware   13 February 2017

Reviewed By: Buddy, Recommend:

I received a letter to say that my claim has been denied on the grounds that: Dog lead and harness should be in condition and fits pet to prevent escape. You must ensure the lead is used in such a way the animal slipping out our grasp. I will be today writing to the FCA and escalating this, the lead was less than 2 months old and the lead was held by me in such a way, I am a grown adult ....... they also need to provide proof of the above ...... make sure you raise a complaint if you are NOT happy ....

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 Don't give up. I've been trying to claim for medication for a false pregnancy since last year and this week my claim was upheld. Admittedly they then take the £99 excess off but a win is good. They've called her problem a procedure then behavioural, written a load of rubbish but common sense prevailed somewhere along the line. Admittedly they then said if I wished to re-insure with them an exclusion would need to be added relating to anything connected to her reproductive organs when they knew… (read more)

comment by: Sue D, 16 February 2017
2/5   Save your money.....   4 February 2017

Reviewed By: Neil Evans, Recommend:

In November 2016 my Bichon got poked in the eye with something that caused a small ulcer in the centre of his LEFT eye. He had some treatment. A week later he was taken back to the Vet who said it was well on the mend with no problems and no further treatment needed. The bill came to just under £200. A £99 excess would give us back around £100. In mid January, my insurers Animal Friends , informed me that on the basis that over a year previously, he suffered mild conjunctivitis in his RIGHT eye, they did not cover pre existing conditions and would not pay out and would also now add exclusion to the policy for any subsequent eye or sight conditions. They also took the opportunity to inform me that they had noticed that in 2015 the vet had noted a very small heart murmur, ( requiring no cause for concern or treatment), and they would therefore apply an exclusion for any future heart conditions. I telephoned them and explained that the conjunctivitis in his right eye in 2015 and the ulcer in his left eye in 2016 were not connected in any way. They said that if the vet would contact them, they would review the decision. I spoke to the vet who kindly contacted them confirming the 2 conditions were not connected. In February 2017 I telephoned them to get an update and they said that the decision had been reviewed and overturned and they would be paying out, but only around £23 as during this time, the policy had automatically renewed and a further £99 excess would be applied. My advice to anybody considering pet insurance....dont bother, you would be far better off getting an interest free period credit card kept solely for the dogs possible medical needs. Insurance companies will only increase premiums every year, gradually exclude conditions as it gets older and continue to word their policies so tightly with conditions, that you have more chance of being made the next Pope than being paid out fully on a claim. Save your money.

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1/5   Scam   26 January 2017

Reviewed By: Peter Brown, Recommend:

I took out animal insurance with this company 8 years ago because they advertised "we are a non profit making company and ALL of our profits go to animal charities" About 4 years ago, I noticed that they had changed their policies to "SOME of our profits go to animal charities" When I contacted them to ask exactly how much profits go to charites, they would not answer me. This was an absolute scam just to get people to sign up because they thought they were supporting charities. My policy (no claims) has now gone up from £32 to £63 in December 2016, now one month later it has gone up again to £69. I have now read all of my policy documents (I encourage anybody else to also do this!)and realised how many exclsions they put in place. Absolute cowboys - avoid. If I could give this review a minus number,I would. Cancelling as quick as I can!

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1/5   Unsatisfactory outcome   17 January 2017

Reviewed By: Ronnie, Recommend:

My 10 month old puppy recently became unwell and after seeking emergency treatment the vet felt that he has swallowed something. Not only did the insurance company refuse to pay out they have added a disclosure if my insurance stating that they will not accept any claims with regards his gigestive system. I have attempted to fight this case but keep being told that as he vomited (which he didn't) he was just limp and lifeless this could none an ongoing illness which again this was a one off accident !!! I have sent various emails and spoke to them but without my luck, this matter is very concerning as I have two puppies and Accidents are blind to happen but I won't be insured fir them . I would recommend that you do not insure your animals with this company as they are very good at making sure that they do not pay out and that any future illness or accident will not be covered as they will find a way of putting it under s very general heading which pretty much covers everything 😥

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1/5   Animal Enemies!   6 January 2017

Reviewed By: Imogen, Recommend:

If I could rate Animal Friends as no stars I would, I don't think that they even deserve a review but I want people to be aware before insuring their animals with Animal "Friends" what they're getting themselves into. I got my French Bulldog on May 1 2016. In early June I took him to the vets for a check up, the vets gave me tear drop replacement drops to give him twice a day as he had dry eyes. Towards the end of June I noticed that one of his eyes started looking red and weepy, I took him back to the vets and they said that he would need immediate treatment as he had a melting ulcer in one of his eyes, our local vets kept Jacques in for the day giving him eye drops and anti biotics every hour, by the end of the day there was no improvement. Our local eye specialist vet happened to be off sick on this day so we got transferred over to Abbotskerswell Vetinary Centre, he had to have an eye graft straight away costing £1,100, 2 months later he needed a follow up procedure costing another £700, not forgetting the £1,074 for his first lot of pre op treatment and supporting medication. I sent of a claim letter and soon received a letter declining my claim. Their reasoning behind this was because Jacques was already on eyedrops, although they acknowledged that when he was first insured there was no ulceration, we had 2 eye specialist vets look at Jacques' eyes and both stated that they were adamant that the dry eyes and ulceration were not connected in any way. Since I have had problems with Animal Friends and asked people for their advice they have all had negative things to say about this insurance company, I just wish that I had read more reviews and did my research before becoming one of their victims.

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1/5   Pointless using   21 December 2016

Reviewed By: Mrs S J Davison, Recommend:

Tried to claim for 3 treatments for false pregnancy i.e. medication. They tried to lump it in with spaying, called it a procedure etc. - Clause: "Spaying to prevent the re-occurrence of false pregnancy; and any claim as a result of these procedures unless specifically noted on your schedule." At no point in that statement is there a mention of medication, just spaying etc. Then can't even be bothered to address my complaint properly. Would be better to list inclusions as too many ambiguous exclusions. No point in continuing policy. DO NOT GO THERE.

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1/5   Bunch of crooks   6 December 2016

Reviewed By: Ryan lobb, Recommend:

Been with this bunch of crooks for 2 years since coco was a puppy, 2 months ago she had a seizure so took her to an out of hours vets who said she may have PDE (coco is a pug) and needed an MRI scan, as they didn't have one near here we had to go to Bristol for it, the cost so far is £2700 something I can ill afford, anyway we contacted Animal friends and they said that it shouldn't be a problem, so all was well in my eyes until I rang them weeks later only to be told that because she was taken to the vets months ago to see if one day we could breed her once so she could experience motherhood they are refusing to pay out because in their words " upon review of cocos clinical history it is clear that coco is used for breeding, we shall not pay out where your pet has been used for or in connection with a trade or profession, where your pet has bred for monetary gain or reward. She hasn't been bred and never will be now and this has nothing to do with the sudden illness she has, a letter has been sent and now just waiting for a response, this company is just a heartless money grabbing bunch of ******* and need to be brought to justice anyway possible.

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1/5   AVOID ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH   25 November 2016

Reviewed By: Kathie, Recommend:

If I could give no star rating I would!! Absolutely disgusted - 😡My cocker spaniel had a particularly nasty ear infection recently so I decided to claim only to have the claim declined as they considered it a pre existing condition because he's had ear infections in the past, this particular infection was diagnosed in September this year so how is that a pre existing condition? Yes he's had ear infections in the past but been treated and recovered ....... AVOID AVOID AVOID NO I WONT BE RENEWING MY POLICY!!!!!

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1/5   Stay clear   3 November 2016

Reviewed By: Danielle, Recommend:

Our lab was insured with AF till today. She was diagnosed with epilepsy officially in July after having first seizure in Feb which we weren't certain on it was epilepsy or a reaction to wormer. 2nd in June and blood tests done in July which confirm timed the epilepsy. Claimed in August and they backdated claim to Feb and took off the excess £99 which was fine I advised she would be having meds at £7 a month with another blood test in Jan. They would only cover this condition till Feb 17 but I had £300 left on the condition claim. So when I put in the claim for the meds from August till now they then applied a second excess of £99 because the yearly renewal had taken place in August so it was a New Years policy. She's was still only covered for the epilepsy till Feb though and a wide exclusion on her policies going for for all claims related to fits or seizures even if it wasn't her basically we wouldn't get another penny out of them for the epilepsy.

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 Same thing happened to us, our dog is 9 and we've been with AF for 2 years with no claims. We found a lump, given treatment by vet etc. Lump remained so had op to remove. Charged 2 excess £99 fees same as you. Also deduction of 35% as she's over 8. We paid £610 out and will receive £260 odd! Only found out yesterday, not happy at all. Least our dog is fine, lump was benign caused by hair follicle.

comment by: Carole, 6 November 2016
1/5   reviews not appearing   27 October 2016

Reviewed By: Richard Wallace , Recommend:

AF do everything they can not to pay out. I have twice previously tried to add a negative review to this site,but they're not appearing. I wonder why? Do AF have some influence perhaps?

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1/5   Read the small print absolute crooks   18 October 2016

Reviewed By: Sean Mursell , Recommend:

Paid insurance for 3 years without a claim, then my dog developed a kidney infection and a £312 very bill. They secluded different treatments for varying reasons and paid £50. They are absolutely disgraceful, and I couldn't find a vet within 100 miles that would accept direct payment from them for treatment. Cancelled and much better off. After several complaints they refused to review again and were surprised I cancelled. There is absolutely no peace of mind with animal friends, you may as well burn your money

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1/5   Avoid, Avoid, Avoid   11 October 2016

Reviewed By: D. bowry, Recommend:

Our dog unfortunately got hold of some ibuprofen, and being a lab, didn't take him long to eat what was left in the pack (circa 10 pills), which are highly toxic to dogs. After receiving emergency care, Animal Friends used a previous and unrelated common stomach issue (Diarrhoea) as reason not to settle our claim. My favourite line from their letter: "I understand that you may consider an exclusion of the entire Digestive System to be inappropriate in view of Rocky’s treatment. I feel it is pertinent for me to explain that although the decision process for applying exclusions does take into account medical factors, we adhere to specific criteria when applying exclusions which has been derived from legitimate commercial decisions that are focused on the mitigation of financial risk". "As such the medical factors concerned may not always be the sole factor in these decisions". Meaning if your claim posses financial risk on Animal Friends, they feel entitled not to pay or settle.

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5/5   Quick settlement   30 September 2016

Reviewed By: Kath Southwell, Recommend:

Was worried about my little Yorkies tummy as felt hard took him to the vets they said he needed a scan did the pre-authorisation through the pawtal system and this was authorised within hours he had the scan the next day this revealed a large mass he was operated on and his spleen removed within 2 days because he is 8 yrs old I had to pay 20% of the total cost as well as the excess amount but the portion that animal friends was paying was paid within days of the vets making the claim the vet had my invoice ready when my dog went for his stitches out. Fast hassle free claim

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4/5   Pre Authorisation   28 September 2016

Reviewed By: Shoana, Recommend:

They have a policy that any treatment over £1,000 has to be pre authorised before treatment can begin. My Cocker had to have surgery on his head which came to £1,500. I phoned them to find out if they pay for the operation, and they said that because of the amount it would need to be preauthorised, which it was and he got his op. My cocker has had several big claims and they have always paid out, and the premium has never gone up.

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2/5   Have an answer for everything   22 September 2016

Reviewed By: Lorraine , Recommend:

Our dog who is almost 6 has epilepsy for the last year and having only take out prime cover...silly me...we can no longer claim for this condition....or it seems any other conditions he may get as recently he had a problem walking unable to get up and had to go in to our vet hospital..was told this was nothing to do with epilepsy by the vet but it seems after putting in a claim and because the clinical notes reflect that he is being given treated for epilepsy aso well as his back...they turned down our claim..saying the seizures have caused the back problem...what rubbish...also a heart complaint which we have never claimed for as we were unaware of, is no longer covered as from out renewal it will seem that regardless of what you claim they will always look at the clinical records as a whole and not separate conditions..pointless carrying on with them

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1/5   Blanket Exclusions and Huge Excess Payments   30 August 2016

Reviewed By: Neil Chivers, Recommend:

I will be avoiding this company at all costs in the future. They have just refused my claim for treatment of my pet dog Ben after 12 years of faithfully paying monthly premiums. We sadly lost Ben due to a type of bone cancer last month, but because of a previous claim 2 years earlier which related to the removal a small fatty lump they then added an incredibly broad exclusion to his policy. The exclusion states that any and all forms of lump, tumour or mass irrespective of cause, type or diagnosis are now completely excluded from the policy and they have refused to honour the claim. Also watch out for the fact that with dogs over 7 years old you will pay TWO excess amounts (assuming that is that they actually approve your claim in the first place) - an initial £99 excess, then an additional excess of more than a third of the remainder which they call a 'Co-payment'.

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1/5   Spurious ongoing arthritis   24 August 2016

Reviewed By: Scott Currie, Recommend:

Our Dog, Rani, has RECENTLY been diagnosed as having arthritis. We weren't aware we could claim on such a condition, but our vet said we could, so put the claim in, based on this diagnosis. Our claim has been turned down based on the arthritis, being an existing condition first diagnosed in 2012!!! Basically we were told she appeared a little stiff legged, which may or may not turn into arthritis further down her life. We have used joint aid( not prescribed),advised by pet shop for Labradors getting older and the Company has basically said that that Ian an admission of the dog having arthritis. We asked how we could have claimed in 2012 to 2013 as there was nothing to claim for?? We were served an answer of legal spaghetti .....Insurance has been terminated, don't suppose a refund will be forthcoming??

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1/5   Dont expect a refund   9 August 2016

Reviewed By: Nigel Haddow, Recommend:

Having had to have our pet Moss put to sleep I cancelled her Pet Insurance with Animal Friends on 3 August 2016. A premium had been taken on 26 July for the next months cover and I phoned on 9 August to enquire if I was due a partial refund. In Sections 12.2 and 6.1 it states I can cancel and readsas follows :- Should you decide to exercise this cancellation right, you will be entitled to a refund of premium less an appropriate pro-rata charge for the period of cover given before the cancellation right was invoked. However I have found out that Animal friends do not offer a partial or pro rata refund if you pay monthly. Although there is nowhere in the agreement that states this I am expected to call them to find out if I don't understand the policy clauses. I told them on reading the notes iI was of the opinion that a pro rata refund would be due they informed me my understanding was wrong and I should have called to clarify this. When I said this was misleading they said not at all I could have called at any time to clarify their stance on the matter. When I asked where the money for the period of cover for the remainder of the month after Moss had died went I was told it went to Animal Friends. No pro rata refund applied to my payments and in any case the appropriate pro rata charge for the period of cover 26 July to 2 August when Moss was alive was in fact the whole months fee. So I was therefore not due any refund whatsoever.I asked where this appropriate charge was defined or how it was calculated and was told this was Animal Friends general policy of charging and was not in fact in my policy. I also asked if an annual payment had been made would the appropriate charge be a whole months premium and was told yes. I said that this was very misleading and was nowhere in the policy to enable customers to make an informed decision. Certainly a money maker for Animal Friends. So once again Animal Friends refusing to pay out, in my case a few pounds but it is the whole principle of how they operate and hide behind hidden interpretations of the policy. The wording is not defined or specific to inform clients of the full facts and biased towards Animal Friends not paying out and pocketing money. In my case at a very upsetting time.

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 I'm a member of animal friends, they don't take the next months payment until in that month. The July payment was for julys cover. You're complaining about nothing. The mistake is yours not animal friends. For me they have paid out every claim I have done and always happy to help with any questions I have. I find it a shame that out of all the good they do only the bad experiences are ever written about online. They're a great company who always want what's best for their customers.… (read more)

comment by: Joel , 18 February 2017
 How can you recommend if they didn't pay you.

comment by: Andrew, 27 September 2016
1/5   Dental treatment Not covered....   27 June 2016

Reviewed By: Orlando, Recommend:

2 year old cat had dental treatment which required 6 teeth coming out. Total bill £500, they refused to pay. Won't ever use them or recommend them again. Take the money but have so many exclusions hardly anyhthing is covered.

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 You should realy have checked this before buying. The majority of pet insurers do NOT cover for dental work. Some do if caused by an associated injury/accident

comment by: Jimster, 6 January 2017
 I fully sympathise with you, have just had the same response. They have hoodwinked people by putting exclusions in the vet section, although I was told it came under general exclusions. Why do we have insurance for our animals !!! Total sharks, uncaring and misleading. HOW THEY CAN CALL THEMSELVES 'ANIMAL FRIENDS' I DO NOT KNOW.

comment by: Mrs. Meeks, 14 December 2016
 Clearly states that dental treatment is not covered.

comment by: Reet, 31 July 2016
 It does say in your contract that they won't pay for dental. I had to check through mine before I took my dog to the vet for dental care.

comment by: Naomi, 3 July 2016
1/5   Trauma injury called Pre-Existing.   22 June 2016

Reviewed By: Neil, Recommend:

Here is a warning for anyone for anyone who insures their dog (or any animal) with “ANIMAL FRIENDS” insurance. Brady (our Irish Water Spaniel) recently suffered a trauma injury to the end of his tail, it became infected so we ended up with a reasonably high veterinary bill. So we claimed on our insurance. This morning we received a letter from them saying that as this was a pre-easting condition they were not going to pay the claim. I have just come off the phone with them where I asked them to explain how a trauma injury could be called as pre-exiting. Their perfectly pleasant representative told me that Brady had also injured his tail in 2014 so according to their policies this new injury is pre-existing. I asked her to tell me if “according to their policy” a dog was treated after a road traffic accident in 2014 and then had another accident with a different car in 2016 would they consider that a pre-existing condition? She refused to answer. Be aware this insurance company are more than happy to take your premiums but will then try to find any excuse, regardless of how ridiculous or tenuous to avoid paying out. The only aspect of there company that I can score them 10 out of 10 for is the sublime oxymoron of their company name!

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 We are currently going through something similar. Our pup knocked his leg in January 2016 whilst running out the door (he was only 10 weeks old). I dashed to the vets as I panicked (we'd only lost our beautiful big boy the previous month so was a very ott owner!) The vet said he was fine, which he was. We didn't think anything else of the incident. In April 2016, he stumbled whilst playing with another dog. He instances started limping. We took him to the vets and he needed an X-ray, then scans… (read more)

comment by: Kathryn McFarlane , 29 June 2016
1/5   Do not use   9 June 2016

Reviewed By: Yvonne, Recommend:

My dog suffers from seasonal allergies and for 6 weeks of the year he has bad skin ( May to July)The condition was declared and Animal Friends accepted this as an exclusion. I have now had two claims refused. One for upset stomach after coming out of a kennel with a tummy bug. The reason for this was that he had been put on a food trial when he was a puppy and was now stable. The food trial was for skin allergies, NOT stomach issues. I have now had a second claim of £550 refused. He had to be admitted over night with problems swallowing. It turned out to be tonsillitis which Animal Friends have said MAY be allergy related. It may not be allergy related but they chose not to err on the side of the customer. I am appealing and speaking to my vet but I swear if he broke his leg they would say it was allergy related. I really am very angry and upset at this decision. I think they employ people to find any way possible to get out of paying.

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 We have also had a claim refused for my dogs Allergies which was discovered this year and it turned out he was actually allergic to Beef and Lamb which the vet did tests for. I am pleased its not environmental but not pleased with Animal Friends who claim that my dog because he has been treated with ear mites in 2013 (they claim this is linked to a food allergy????) and because he started to nibble his paws and the vet gave me cream for it which I happily just paid up for that it is all linked.… (read more)

comment by: Janice Turnbull, 21 June 2016
1/5   Do not use!   3 May 2016

Reviewed By: Jennee, Recommend:

I had insurance cover for up to £7000 - my dog broke his leg which was going to cost £4000 to fix. They approved the treatment and then only sent £2000 - leaving me to pay the balance. No matter how much a chased them they never sent anymore money to me or the vet.

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 The cost of veterinary treatment can be very expensive. We don't sell a policy with £7,000 worth of cover per individual occurrence so perhaps there is some confusion here. Please contact a member of our UK based customer service team who will happily provide details of the policy you selected and confirm the breakdown of the claims payment.

comment by: Animal Friends Insurance, 23 May 2016
 They have used every excuse in the book not to pay out on a claim. Given that I run an animal welfare charity and USED TO recommend Animal Friends, I now tell everybody to avoid them at all costs. Disgusting cowboys that they are.

comment by: Sue Allery, 15 May 2016
1/5   Finds any reason not to payout, utter Cowboys   28 April 2016

Reviewed By: Alex, Recommend:

ook out a policy on my Labrador knowing that my dog had arthritis and I knew that I wouldn't be able to claim for costs relating to this problem. Whilst walking my dog off lead he fell down a big hole and couldn't put any weight on his leg. Took him to the vets and they decided to do X-Ray's on his leg . His leg wasn't broken and they said it was likely that he had could have pulled muscles,ligaments or tendons. The X-rays did show arthritis in his leg which we knew about. Well surprise ,surprise Animal Friends refused to pay out because he had had a limp year s ago due to a flair up of his arthritis. I told them that this accident he had was nothing to do with his arthritis but was tendons or ligament damage. All I got was a woman from AF telling me that because he had been lame before then anything to do with any of his legs were not covered and anything to do with his bones are not covered. No matter how much I tried to have a sensible conversation all I got was the party line. These people are not animal friendly , they will do anything they can to not payout. I now have to go through the hassle of persuading this through the FCA and possibly the 2016 there are 47 negative reviews on trustpilot all saying the same thing. They have also been investigated by BBC's watchdog about them finding any reason they can to refuse to pay out,how the hell they won all these awards that they advertise I don't know . AVOID THIS COMPANY, unless you like throwing money down the drain.

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1/5   BEWARE not the cover you think for dogs over 8   23 April 2016

Reviewed By: Andrew T, Recommend:

I first insured with Animal Friends about 3 years ago, and have tried to claim recently. I chose a high end level of cover, and with a single claim limit of £2000, I felt comfortable with the cover. I was not aware of the "co-funding" clause, until pointed out by the vet. However as the treatment is £3,600, I was expecting to pay the extra over £2,000. It came as a bit of a shock that the nett result of the policy is that the single claim limit is in fact £2000 less the 35% co-funding, so the most I can expect is about £1300, less the excess. If you compare this true level with other companies, I think you will find that this is very poor value for money. I intend to take this all the way, as it is set out to mislead.

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 The same thing happened to us almost three years ago. Our dog was 11 years old. I was aware of the £99 excess and the co-funding clause but understood my contribution would be the first £99 then 35% of the total bill which would then be offset by an insurance payout of £1901.The final bill was £4000 and we received £1200. We then had four lovely months together before she died - three years on we joke about it but it wasn't funny at the time.

comment by: M Y, 22 June 2016
1/5   14 day exclusion period   12 April 2016

Reviewed By: Simon Reed, Recommend:

When I finally found an insurance company after a few months of searching, (didnt have the internet) I got the 2nd highest policy as it covered a good amount of money per condition. My dog showed 'no signs' of HD since the day I got her and at 53 weeks old became lame. As this happened within the 14 days exclusion period, and had been diagnosed too, they decided that (as it may cost them a lot of money) it was a pre-existing condition. I wrote them a 17 paragraph complaint and got fobbed off, took them to the ombudsman and lost. Now I have a petition to get the FCA to amend the absolutely bliddy ridiculous 14 exclusion period. How do owners know their dog is going to become ill in 14 days time, AF gladly take our money before the start, but fail to cover anything in this period. I am beyond angry at AF, after the 4 years of paying and only using them once, I feel disgusted at the way I have been treated by them regarding my dogs 2 bad hips.

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 It's violation of customer rights is such a profound way it's just unacceptable. My kitten was insured and was taken to the vet for check up and at that time he had diarhorea (14day excision)vet ask to change diet and recommended specific food. When he got ill months later and in the process of establishing What went wrong vet advised to claim costs as ultrasound and repeat treatment was given but ofcourse APF refused end excluded all Digestive System clames in future, poor cat was compromised… (read more)

comment by: Kate, 12 November 2016
 From the details it appears that the Insurer in this case is right. They have a 14-day exclusion period precisely for this kind of case i.e. people taking out insurance once they know their pet has a condition. The Insurance Company and the Ombudsman are quite correct. I know this is not act you want to hear, but this is a case of trying to take the Insurance Company for a ride, not the other way around

comment by: Pet owner, 2 May 2016
1/5   Poor customer service and loyalty   5 April 2016

Reviewed By: Gary Duncan, Recommend:

I have been a faithful customer of Animal Friends for 10 years, and renewed my policy year on year for my pet dog. My dog has now reached the age of 13 and suffered a stroke 6 months back. I did fill in the form but did not reach the excess amount so did not claim any costs from animal friends. I have recently received my policy renewal and was shocked to see the costs have risen by 70% on the previous years costs. I would advise any pet owner considering using animal friends to avoid this company at all costs. They are happy to take premium year on year until your pet reaches the age when you need to use the policy or at least much more likely to use the policy then they increase the policy to a unreasonable and unaffordable level. Given the policy premium, excess and the 35% that I am required to pay on all costs then my pet dog would require in excess of £1200 of care in the next calendar year before it would reach a level where my insurance would be of a benefit. Please take note of my warning this company is out for profit only and animal care (which the company constantly makes claims to be of its highest priority) is way down its list of priorities. It is now very clear why a few years back the underwriters that previously support AF has a very painful parting of ways and to my deep regret I chose the wrong company to place my faith and pets health in!

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5/5   happy   4 April 2016

Reviewed By: andrew hurst, Recommend:

My springer cut her back paw last year And unfortunately cut her front paw this year over £300 on both occasions . Animal friends paid out pfomptly and in full both times

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5/5   Cat illness and insurance claiming   16 March 2016

Reviewed By: louise larman, Recommend:

I have had to claim for 4 out of 5 of my cats due to illness and have had no problem with reclaiming charges , one of my cats Darcy was close to death with stuivite stones , the bill came to £2000 and I received all except the excess charge and £10 for the food he was given while spending 5nights and 4 days in the vets, I only found one problem with a claim and that was one of my other cats went to the emergency vets over night for treatment and my claim was reduced by the excess charge ( no problem there)and a £60.00 charge for staying over night as the vet had said it was not a life threating condition , a previous insurance company increased one of my cats months fee by triple the amount , reason - I had made two claims for an illness instead of making 4 or 5 claims for the illness? so I changed companies , glad I did

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5/5   Easy and quick to deal with   15 March 2016

Reviewed By: Gabbie, Recommend:

Had to claim for hip dysplasia resulting in a fractured hip and an operation my vet put the claim trough so very easy and animal friends paid them directly without any hassle. Top customer service!

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5/5   Two different claims for two different dogs   28 February 2016

Reviewed By: Jacqui Jackson, Recommend:

I have had to make 2 separate claims for two of my dogs. These were both very large claims that my vet put through directly. Both time's they have been paid without any issues whatsoever. The 1st one sadly had to be put to sleep so at a very stressful upsetting time AF were brilliant taking cake of the bill. They also paid the 2nd claim without any issues too. Yes there is the excess they you have to pay yourself but that was the least of my problems. I have a happy healthy dog as a result of the surgery. I can't recommend them highly enough. Just make sure you research the policy in depth and are happy fully understand what you are buying. My policy has not increased this year. I'm sorry to see that some of you have not had the excellent service I have received.

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