Dreadful Administration


Petplan Equine are giving me the run-around too over a simple claim for a corneal ulcer in my horse's eye caused by a thorn which entered the eye whilst he was grazing. A simple enough claim! Yet they claim to have lost the vet claim form 3 times, the medical history notes 2 times, and haven't a clue about the continuation claim form I've filed with them 2 times already for my horse's equine hospital stay for treatment for the corneal ulcer. I am close to losing my temper. Don't touch them with a barge pole, yours or anyone else's. They used to be so good, I've given them hundreds of pounds over the years for insurance on various horses, but sadly they've lost the plot. I've no idea where their call centre is, but the accents are foreign and they are not at all helpful. I will be taking them to court if they don't sort themselves out sharpish.


-- Mixed Breed (weight when full grown) --


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