Exclusions galore and no premium reductions.


After 40 minutes on the phone to an Indian call centre, the mention of ailments gets you transferred to the underwriter Allianz. He decides to exclude respiratory conditions because your dog had a cough 2 months ago even though antibiotics cured it within 5 days! I sent Allianz copies of our vets records because our dog is partially sighted as a result of some brute throwing bleach in her eyes. I expected the inevitable exclusion for her eyes, but would you believe it they would not cover us for third party liability because the dog might run across the road without seeing oncoming traffic and cause an accident. Wouldn't most dog owners have their dog on a lead next to a road? And if they didn't, have you ever seen a fully sighted dog look right,left and right again before crossing the road after a cat or squirrel? When I saw they had sneaked into the policy this exclusion, I cancelled. You cant even negotiate a reduced premium with them when they decide only to insure three-quarters of your dog because the rule book decrees that the relevant factors are breed, age and vets fees in your area. They are not to be trusted


Saluki (Gazelle Hound)


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Posted: 02/06/2017

It's normal for all companies to exclude anything reoccurring before the policy is in force which would be any respiratory conditions because of the chest infection, regarding the third party unfortunately you are being penalised for other idiots who are not a vigilant as yourself and would probably leave there part sighted dog to wander where it likes