bunch of crooks


My cat was diagnosed with a torn cruciate ligament which needed a major op to repair(TPLO) they paid up the maximum for this (£1500 minus 10% and excess) as he is a 'senior'. OK I was not expecting more. This however is his knee and is sorted 100% now. While being xrayed they noticed he has arthritis in his hip and although is fine apart from a little achy he does need daily Metacam and will possibly need physio in the future. So I claimed for the metacam so it was on the system, if I leave it till he needs physio they will say I didn't report it early enough! They came back and despite the claim form clearly stating it was his hip condition and arthritis they said he has fully utilised his amount for 'this condition'. What part of a hip with arthritis is a torn knee ligament! They are a bunch of crooks who will do their utmost to not pay even when it is clearly a claimable condition. I will take this to the ombudsman if they do not reconsider within 28 days. They need to employ some claims people who actually know their nose from their elbow not a bunch of numptys with no medical knowledge at all. They need a 0 not a 1 rating


British Shorthair


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