Not there in time of need


I have been paying my premium with this company for 8 years and hardly used it. When I did, they disputed claims and always took ages to get the claim settled. My vet told me that they hate liaising with E and L due to reimbursement difficulties. In December last year my dog was diagnosed with diabetes and just after u put my first claim in for this condition I immediately got a letter stating that my dog would not be covered for this condition after the renewal date. Also, even though I thought I had £4000 of cover I was advised that I could only claim up to £ 1000 per condition. U have now reached thus limit so any other treatment my dog needs for diabetes will have to be met by me. I think this is a total con. I Aldo thought I had lifetime cover but they have conveniently decided that it is renewed annually. How can they get away with this ? There are so many bad comments on here I don't understand why they have not been reported to the FSA or such like. In your time of need, they are def not there - DO NOT EVEN THINK OF USING THIS COMPANY !.


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