Will not pay bills due to "existing condition"


Our puppy came with 4 weeks free insurance with the kennel club, during this time he suffered from a twisted testicle which had to be removed, due to the pain, he suffered from excess salivation and loss of control of his bowels.

Fast forward three weeks, puppy is better, fully recovered from the operation and we have switched to John Lewis insurance on recommendation from a friend.

Then suddenly the pup starts fitting, having a full blown seizure, where yes he does lose control of his bowels and salivate but he's also shaking uncontrollable, an obvious fit. It took a blood test, ultrasound, MRI scan and lumbar puncture to diagnosed he has epilepsy.

I contact John Lewis. They request full medical history from out vets, due to the symptoms of his twisted testicle sharing some of that with the fit they will not cover the treatment or diagnoses of his epilepsy.

Makes me think that in the future they can say "well he yelped when he had a twisted testicle and he yelped during this episode, so they must be the same thing" Ridiculous. We are left with a £3000 bill. Makes you wonder why you even bother even having insurance.


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