This insurance company are the worse ones I could have gone to, twice my little chihuaha had to got to the emergency out of hours vet as she is tiny and had vomitting, diarrohea (with blood in it), she is fully vaccinated but we were terrified of parvo. They had the cheek to say they would not refund the out of hours fee because it was not an emergency - excuse me a tiny chi with these symptoms! Luckily the vet in question wrote a strong letter to this so called insurance company and they eventually paid up. They increased my excess to an extortionate rate without even telling me (and with NO PREVIOUS CLAIMS). I had the misfortune to have to call them twice asking when the claim would be settled after two months and the customer services female was rude and threatened to hang up! I would not event give them one star but have to to put the review on. I have cancelled my insurance with them and hopefully the next one will be more caring. DONT EVEN THINK OF GOING WITH THEM, they make every excuse not to pay and when you are finally paid they deduct every penny they can


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