Bad Service, slow pay out


Had the lifetime insurance for my labrador and thought I had the lifetime insurance for my flat coat as well (because premiums were pretty much the same). When my flat coat developed a lump under his eye, E&L initially refused to cover as it was an existing condition - they referred to a remark about a third nipple in my dog's medical records! How E&L can think that a third nipple and a lump under the eye are one and the same, is still beyond me! It took numerous phone calls between my vet and E&L for E&L to finally admit liability. My dog then had to be referred to a specialist - that's when I found out that I only had the annual cover. Also I was not covered for £4000 as I had assumed but for £1000 only but for a total of 4 conditions. It then took a couple of months for E&L to refund me the money - statements ranging from "we are evaluating the claim" to "it's being processed" to "we are working on it" to "we are very busy" to "we cannot say when payment will be made" to "it's in the payment queue". There was a very real chance that I could have lost my dog to cancer (luckily I didn't) but having to argue liability with my insurance company was something I could have done without. My fault for not reading the policy properly but I consider E&L's way of contesting my claim highly unethical, unsympathetic and downright cheeky - I hate to think how many owners would have given up under the stress! Thanks a lot to my vet though who persevered and kept fighting my case with E&L. It's time for renewal and needless to say that E&L will be nothing more now than a bad - and costly - memory! Just as note-by: the insurance premium for my flat coat would have trebled (despite various exemptions that E&L slammed on my policy)!! I got a much cheaper insurance, higher cover and (hopefully) better customer service (judging by reviews anyway) - but hopefully I'll never have to claim insurance ever again!!


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