Damaged eye


Our cat was viciously attacked by a feral cat who lives along the road. The eye was torn and my vet suggested that I took him to an out of hours veternery practice as the accident was done late afternoon. The treatment the cat was given was superb but the first operation was not a 100% successful and he had to have a second operation and thankfully this was a huge success and the eye was saved.

The two operations were very costly and were not fully covered by the insurance I had taken out for the cat. I asked the insurance company why they could not have paid £2,000 for each operation and was told that had the accident been a new case then I would have been able to claim twice but as the second operation was ongoing treatment they would only pay out for the one £2,000 claim. It was a very stressful time worrying about how we would find the rest of the money - we did some how but I shall wait to see what the premium will be next year and decide whether to remain with them.

Regarding the service with the insurance company I found them very helpful and they acted swiftly with the money transactions.


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