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policy not worth the paper its written on very rude on the phone everyone who loves their dogs stay away from them you are throwing your money away they should be exposed on Watchdog


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Posted: 26/01/2012

I have been waiting since july for a claim i made as my dog had a torn cruciate ligament now e & l are refusing to pay as they say she has had a history of lameness my vet has wrote and explained that the two are not connected and it was a recent injury I am still waiting to hear?? otherwise I need to find £1500 to pay the vet? this company is a rip off and they will try anything not to pay out!!! I am going to try the small claims court if this fails

Posted: 26/01/2014

we are going through the same thing at present. paid this policy for nearly 5 years with no claims for 2 westies, now we have had to make a claim for under £200 they are using every excuse not to pay and have put lots of exclusions on the policy now. not worth paper its written on