I will give it to Petplan that they are quick to pay out, and everyone says they are the best - however the reality is these lot, much like all insurance companies, are always looking for a way to screw the consumer over. I have just recieved an exemption on my puppy’s lifetime cover policy for “Behavioural Issues” - why? Because on her first visit to the vet at 9 weeks old we asked the vet if there was anything that he could advise us on to help her settle in better, as for the first 2 nights we’d had her prior to this vet appt, she wasnt sleeping and was generally crying/howling as she had some separation anxiety from missing her mum and siblings. Pretty standard puppy behaviour I hear you all say and yes, now that we have 6 months experience under our belt - we agree, but as rookie dog owners we were simply not aware and we’re just looking for advice from our vet to do the best thing for our pup and he tried his best to help us. Apparently Petplan have now decided that my puppy had a pre existing condition of “Behavioural Issues” - I mean, honestly, I can barely get my head around the level of abuse of the system here. My vet has written to them to explain and they have discarded his letter, still deeming themselves in a better position to incorrectly diagnose my dog thus allowing them to exclude her from the level of cover that I am paying for, because when she was 9 weeks old she took a while to settle in and didn’t sleep through the night. God forbid something actually does happen to her and she ends up with some kind of anxiety, as now she isn’t covered.


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Posted: 18/06/2023
By: Stefka Andreeva

Unbelievable :-(