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John Lewis Pet Insurance pet insurance

171 Victoria Street

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Offers only lifetime pet insurance cover.

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Reviews of John Lewis Pet Insurance pet insurance

1/5   Avoid avoid avoid!   14 January 2018

Reviewed By: Very annnoyed, Recommend:

I have an older dog and needed to change her Homebase insurance as her policy didnít cover dental and I wanted to increase cover (Homebase wouldnít change the level of cover, they insisted on starting a new policy). John Lewis looked to be good, and very comprehensive. First year paid £50 something a month, second year £80 something... they said this was due to the first year incentive discount running out and local vets prices increase. I then moved house to a different part of london and my premium dropped back down to £50/month! I was pleased and they said itís because the area I moved to had cheaper vets fees. I signed up with easipetcare who are fantastic and yes, a lot cheaper than any other vet Iíve ever come across. Now after 3 months in a cheaper area my renewal has gone up to £128 / month! Please explain why if Iím in a cheaper area, and last year the premium dropped and was £700 for the year, why is it now more than double at £1500 for the year???? I am now completely stuck as my dog is 10 years old and I canít insure her anywhere else.

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1/5   AVOID!!   4 January 2018

Reviewed By: Joanna, Recommend:

I'm telling everyone to steer clear! Absolute rip off. My mistake to have been with them for 5 years ... Started off at £12, increase after the first year to be expected as the 10% discount no longer applies. But then I told them I moved, not even far, still going to the same vets! £5 more a month. Every year, increase after increase. No claims at all. Last year I've been paying £33.11 a month, got renewal papers yesterday ... They now want £50.57!! Absolute joke. Oh, and the letter even says that as I've been with them for several years I'll probably be able to find same cover cheaper elsewhere. Well, thank you John Lewis, I didn't need that bit of advice, I worked it out myself 😡

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1/5   Shaming the John Lewis brand !   2 January 2018

Reviewed By: W McFadyen, Recommend:

Canít believe they wanted to increase premium for 2 cats, 2 years old by 25% after zero claims. Called up and they tried to increase the excess, and said there was no possible further discount. Later rang to cancel and they then tried to offer a discount. Gone to L&G paying half the price for more cover! Thought John Lewis were reputable- but now have doubts!!

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 I have been with John Lewis Pet Insurance since 2010. Although it has increased significantly every year, with limited claims. THIS YEAR THEY HAVE INCREASED IT 93%!!! I find this shameful and immoral. They will not alter their renewal amount. Perhaps when you take a 'life time cover' policy there should be details explaining how they justify any increases, instead of Breed and age of dog, which they are aware of from the start.

comment by: anonymous, 8 January 2018
1/5   Stay away total joke   13 December 2017

Reviewed By: JR, Recommend:

33% premium increase after 12 months lifetime insurance on my two young dogs (2 years old). No claims, not moved house, vet fees have not gone up - I know my brother in law is a local vet! Yet they use things like vet fees as an excuse. If car insurance increased by 33% in 12 months with no claims there would be an outcry - would they claim a rise in mechanic fees?! As the dogs have no pre-existing conditions I have told them to stick their renewal & Iíll be taking my business elsewhere. Person I spoke to said Ďwe admit we arenít the cheapest, thereís nothing more we can doí.... not what Iíd expect from John Lewis.

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1/5   Insurance has doubled   27 November 2017

Reviewed By: Lee Anniss, Recommend:

We chose John Lewis pet insurance for our dog as they offered life cover, we didnít claim a penny for the first 2 years but upon reaching 2 years of age our dog developed epilepsy, we ended up having to claim for medication as itís an ongoing condition. John Lewis put the premium up from the initial £23 a month to £41 then this year they have more than doubled it to £84 a month leaving it pretty much unaffordable as they know itís an ongoing condition that they will be paying for, nothing short of neglect and all I have to say about John Lewis as a company is they are disgusting, please do not use them as they are a total rip off.

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1/5   55% renewal hike for my dog no claim STAY AWAY   26 November 2017

Reviewed By: Virginia Harland, Recommend:

Warning to all I moved to John Lewis pet insurance 2 years ago when my pedigree doberman was 3-we have been insured for 2 years with John Lewis and never claimed in all the 5 years Harvey has been alive.. The renewal has come in at a 55% price increase..I have no choice but to find insurance elsewhere as if they do that every year I will no way be able to afford the insurance .So Angry.

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1/5   Steer well clear   4 November 2017

Reviewed By: Stephen H, Recommend:

We researched pet insurance extensively before taking a very expensive whole life policy for our English Bulldog in 2013 which I regrettably encouraged my son to take from John Lewis thinking they would never be associated with a sham product.At the time I spoke to John Lewis who explained the whole life policy saying that the annual increases would be reasonable increasing with age. Over 4 years they received just under £6000 and paid out £400 and without any claim at all last year they have priced this product off the scale claiming that it is because she is a bulldog.(She has not changed breed !!!) We have switched insurer saving £1700 from the John Lewis renewal premium but losing cover in the event of needing to claim for the one condition we had investigated 2 years ago. They make it almost impossible for you to communicate with them and are so used to complaints that have become very adept of obstructing communication. This terrible product means I am no longer a customer of John Lewis for anything. Steer well clear of this product.

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 My increase is 56% to £1700. No claims this year. 6 year old dog. They know we are trapped if we want ongoing cover for any existing conditions. the lesson is clear - DONT EVER TRUST JOHN LEWIS AGAIN!

comment by: Guy D, 27 November 2017
 My pet insurance has gone up by 40% - when asking why they said you have a Norfolk Terrier - yes same dog as last year - vets bill are high - yes same vet as last year. I have made three small claims amounting to about £150. They are the most disgraceful pet insurance company - WHICH should no longer recommend them. Wish i found these reviews earlier - I have only been with them two years and my dog is only 4 years old. I have cancelled my policy with them. AVOID AVOID.

comment by: JEAN LEDGER, 7 November 2017
1/5   Don   21 September 2017

Reviewed By: Deborah Holley, Recommend:

My dog was diagnosed with a chronic condition a 2.5 years ago and since then the premiums have gone up and up. Last year they went up 88%, I complained all the way to the Ombudsman but apparently John Lewis are within their rights to just make up a premium and they don't have to tell you how they came to it. I even complained direct to John Lewis head office and got a phone call from them saying pretty much the same thing. This year it has gone up another 80% putting us in the position of having to go to another insurer and hope that our boy doesn't need any expensive treatment for his condition. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND JOHN LEWIS TO ANYBODY.

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1/5   Rip off JL   17 September 2017

Reviewed By: Doris, Recommend:

This is a truly dreadful company! The John Lewis brand is sullied by this crowd. They double your premium and when your pets get to 9 years old, you have to pay 20% or the excess each time you pay a vet bill. This co-insuring thing is supposed to help customers keep their monthly premiums down. Farcical! Mine is £151 a mnonth and I fully expect that to double again on policy renewal. How this type of trading is legal, I don't know. It's high time the government carried out an investigation and outlawed this behaviour.

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1/5   Horrified at price increase   29 August 2017

Reviewed By: Michele, Recommend: N

Initially I insured both my dogs with John Lewis (believing them to be decent and honourable as their marketing suggests)at quite reasonable prices. By the 2nd renewal, my first dog's quote had gone from £350 to £950 having only claimed for 2 upset stomachs over that time. My second dog who was very poorly in her first year but has been absolutely fine for the last 3 years has gone from £350 to £1,580! They will not reconsider any reduction.

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1/5   Rip Off on renewals   17 August 2017

Reviewed By: Keith P, Recommend:

Just received the renewal notice for pet insurance with John Lewis, 37% increase? We have not claimed on the insurance in the last year and our dog is only 3 years old. Will now cancel and put the money in a savings account each month.

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2/5   Enormous increase in premium   9 August 2017

Reviewed By: Kevin Barber, Recommend:

I have seen my premium rise by 80% during the past year for my dogís Lifetime Policy, from £210 in 2015, to £319 in 2016, and to £578 in 2017 for a dog not requiring treatment or ongoing medications. A large part of the increase appears to be following a claim for investigations that showed there was thankfully not a problem with my dog. I have raised this directly with John Lewis customer services to make them aware that Royal Sun Alliance Insurance is potentially risking damaging the John Lewis brand and good name by these blunt hikes in premiums. Be aware that the customer services contact details and complaints procedure given on the renewal documentation and web is for the customer services at Royal Sun Alliance Insurance who are responsible for the increase not the same as customer services at John Lewis. I have renewed my premium in order to continue to benefit from full Lifetime cover but also submitted my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman to investigate.

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3/5   Ongoing medecation   12 July 2017

Reviewed By: Keith green, Recommend:

We have been insured with John Lewis for a long time for our various dogs. We still have cover for our present two, one of whom is now aged 16 years and is on medication for different conditions. Each month we have submitted invoices from our vet which JL have dealt with, subject to the excess. This has been ongoing for a long time. Last month, without explanation, we were asked to submit detailed claim forms before the claims could be dealt with. When we asked why JL told us this was a change in policy, with a comment that it was to exclude fraudulent claims! Amazing given our circumstances. This suggests someone in middle management trying to make a name for themselves by coming up with this policy change. Understandable perhaps for new claims but for established claims? In all other respects JL have been very helpful over the years when we have had to claim for various problems.

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1/5   Premium increase of 53%   9 July 2017

Reviewed By: Steve, Recommend:

Last year we covered our 4-year-old cat with John Lewis ĎPlusí - a lifetime policy for £7,500 vets fees cover for £150. This was a bit more than some competitors but we were persuaded by John Lewisís reputation. This year the renewal stated ďLast year you paid £118Ē (no, it was £150) with a renewal of, wait for it, £230. Worth pointing out that weíve had no claims. When we phoned to discuss this they said the reason for the increase was because: a) Our cat was a year older and, therefore more likely to need claim - she's 5 and in good health. b) Last year we got a special online discount for being a new customer. They could reduce our premium if we accepted a higher excess but thatís all the negotiation they were prepared to do. On Go Compare we just got a quote for the same policy from John Lewis for £176 - but presumably thatís just for new customers. So, via Go Compare, we went for Argos Platinum, a slightly lower maximum vets fees cover of £7,000 and a £5 higher excess but the same or higher cover on all the other areas - it was £108, a saving of £122 on John Lewis.

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1/5   insurance rip off once again   27 June 2017

Reviewed By: Clare Perkins, Recommend:

I have plus level cover for my dog. The total claim history is 3, all non chronic conditions and only 1 with prescribed 2 week treatment in the last 12 months. 2016 price £598.28, this year £1,223.87 which is frankly disgusting. I am told that the reasons are; increase in vet fees 'sensitive' breed related information that they are not willing to make public my dog is another year older (she is not even 5 yet!) the claim history, as detailed above I am a professional dog behaviourist who is well aware of breed health issues. Running a broad brush across all dog owners based on generic data is at best unfair and at most a recipe for ripping off well intentioned clients trying to do their best for their animal in this scare mongering insurance driven society we live in. Dogs should be considered on an individual basis, not stereotyped. I can't help but wonder if Dick Turpin works for John Lewis who have shot down in my estimation from the reliable, respected and genuine organisation to a company that is leading the way in gold digging at the expense of animal health.

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3/5   Premium increased 152%   20 June 2017

Reviewed By: S Belchamber, Recommend:

I have insured my dog for 5 years since she was a puppy. The annual premium for this year has been increased from £506 to £771 outrageous. I have had to make a claim last year, which they settled quickly, however they know you cannot shop around. I expected better from John Lewis especially as they are giving discounts for new customers

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2/5   Disappointed   15 June 2017

Reviewed By: Dogowner, Recommend:

We have 2 dogs insured with John Lewis. I really believed this would be the best company to insure our dogs with due to the companiesí ethos. However, I was so wrong. Our youngest was diagnosed with epilepsy, who after a few years is now stable. And our oldest girl is generally well, just has some issues with her paws from time to time. Even though we had life time insurance on both dogs the cost of their insurance is now over double. We have just had a bill for Ł1198.00 per year and now waiting for the other bill to come through which was Ł1112.00 last year (for the older dog, who has been to the vets maybe 5 times in her life). Although John Lewis are very good at dealing with claims etc, the cost is outrageous. Think carefully before insuring your pets with this company. We are now unable to move to another insurer and our trapped.

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2/5   50% price increase at renewal!   26 May 2017

Reviewed By: Sue, Recommend:

Shocking. I thought John Lewis was better than this. My renewal premium has shot up by 50%. If it happens again next year, I'll be going elsewhere. Bye bye John Lewis!

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2/5   High Yearly Premium Increases   26 May 2017

Reviewed By: Tina T, Recommend:

I started John Lewis insurance for my dog when he was a puppy the premiums then were under £30 a month - unfortunately when he was young he had incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle/intracondylar fissure - my premiums kept increasing each year if I made a claim. This month I have had my renewal my premiums have increased from £80 a month to £140 a month - please be aware if that if you claim your premiums will increase dramatically to the point that in the future you may have a problem affording them and will be unable to change insurer if it is a pre-existing condition

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1/5   Daylight Robbery   11 May 2017

Reviewed By: Diane, Recommend:

Renewal premiums go up routinely by 30/40/50% each year and as my dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a pup I have no choice but to keep paying as no other insurer would take on his pre existing condition. Disgusting company and avoid at all costs! Does not fit with John Lewis brand and I am very disappointed that they continue to trade like the robbers that they are. Staff are disinterested and unhelpful. AVOID AVOID AVOID

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3/5   Very disappointed by John Lewis 54% premium incre   9 May 2017

Reviewed By: Jude Farrimond-Sheddon, Recommend:

We took out pet insurance with John Lewis for our young border collie. We had to claim on it in the first 12 months as he developed meningitis. When our renewal came through it had gone up by several pounds but as we'd had a 20% discount on the first year we found that perfectly acceptable. This year (he's 3) it's gone up by 54% (£15 a month). JL say he's older, Ins premium tax has increased, vets fees have increased & when pushed claims history (but that was there last year!) I've asked for a full breakdown of the 55% increase. I've been a one woman walking advertisement for JL Pet Insurance as they were so helpful when we had to claim for our dog's hospital & vet fees but I certainly will make sure everybody knows about this whopping increase too! What's so unfair is that if you've already claimed for a condition you are a captive customer...very disappointed with John Lewis Pet Insurance. As an added insult it has cost us £41.28 to change the address on the policy!

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 My insurance premium has gone up nearly 100% from £311 to £604..yes I did make a claim but it was only for £160! when I rang I also got the same old banter ...Age (my dog is 6) Vet fees gone up (my vets fees haven't gone up that much!)and the old chestnut premium tax. I have asked for a breakdown of the 100% increase too.

comment by: jen, 5 June 2017
2/5   Extortionate renewal   8 May 2017

Reviewed By: Animal lover, Recommend:

We changed to John Lewis when our dog was 1 year old. He is now 2 and yes we did claim for an injury (£1,200), shouldn't be recurring, but isn't that why you take out insurance?! We were paying £79 per month they now want £132, up by 67%!When I called they said they take into consideration his age, breed and amount of other claims. He is only 2, and he hasn't changed breed in the last year! I feel so let down, particularly as I went to a big reputable company thinking it would be okay. They did pay out but this shouldn't be allowed.

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2/5   price jump   24 April 2017

Reviewed By: E.B.H, Recommend: N

insuring my labrador retriever at three years of age for lifetime insurance gave a very comparable quote of £29 per month. The renewal, a year later, jumped to £48 per month, even though I had never made a claim. Needless to say, I chose to no loonger use John Lewis Pet Insurance.

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 My policy for my 3 year old Border Collie has increased by a whopping 55% plus a £41.28 admin fee to change address. I had to claim on my policy in the first 12 months but it only went up by a few pounds a month that year, this year its gone up by £15 a month! Unfortunately I'm unable to change insurer as once you've made a claim it's impossible to gain cover for that condition if it should re-occur. Very very disappointed in John Lewis pet insurance.

comment by: Jude Farrimond-Sheddon, 9 May 2017
1/5   Awful just awful!   13 April 2017

Reviewed By: Freya , Recommend:

Awful customer service, awful premiums, advoid at all costs! Better to go with pet plan! May be more expensive at first but at first renewal John Lewis will be more expensive and it only keeps going up from there!!

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5/5   Very pleased!!   8 April 2017

Reviewed By: Sally, Recommend:

Cat insurance on kitten 3 years ago. She ingested something.£1000 bill over 2 bank holiday weekends. Vet took John Lewis insurance direct and refused the lady in front of me with Sainsbury's. She had yo cough up £600 for her dog. I awaited the massive increase but it never came. Yes they increased it from £7 odd to £9. Now 3 years in abc they want £12. We,l they have lad out twice £1000 on one occasion and £300 on another no problems. So what can I say. I am really happy with it. Sally

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1/5   Never Again!!   2 April 2017

Reviewed By: Jak, Recommend:

My border collie has been insured with John Lewis for about 6 years, the premium to begin with was good and although it went up yearly as expected it was OK as when we have claimed they have never not paid up, however the last years premium went up a lot and this year it has gone up by over 50% so we are now paying £150.00 per month for £7,000 of cover we have put our excess up to £150.00 so it Has now come down to £135.00 per month, that is still excessive but our boy has arthritis and its lifetime cover so they have us by the balls really. After discussing this with my fantastic reasonable vet this week he could not belive it and said put the money in the bank and cancel it as if our boy did ever need to see our local Supervet for worst case scenario surgery it would cost around £2,000 for major surgery, and we're paying £1,800 per year and out vet is not in the business to rip his clients off. no we have never had a problem with them paying out for anything, but the price hikes are outrageous, as I said never again!!

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1/5   Extortion - Held to ransom by John Lewis   25 March 2017

Reviewed By: Ann Grey, Recommend:

Just received my annual renewal notice from John Lewis for my lovely 10 year old Bichon dog - and nearly collapsed when I saw that this year the premium has increase by £550 to £1658pa. I fully expected another hike but this is absolute robbery! I called and told them that this was tantamount to extortion! and at this rate if he lives for another 10 years I'll need to either sell my house or take out a second mortgage to pay their premiums! It's an absolute disgrace that they get away with this. They have us over a barrell when it comes to our elderly pets as they know it will be difficult for us to move our beloved friends to a new provider. I will never use nor will I ever recommend John Lewis for pet insurance - neither will I shop with them again. Dreadful money grabbing, uncaring company!

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2/5   Huge premium increase   20 March 2017

Reviewed By: Anon, Recommend:

After making a claim last year (around £400) the premium for my 4 year old dog has doubled. Although I can't fault the service I received when claiming, I am horrified that they can justify such a massive increase.

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1/5   HUGE premium increase after 1 year   17 March 2017

Reviewed By: Emily, Recommend:

After switching my pet insurance to John Lewis last year, I have just received my first renewal quote. The premium has increased by 45%! My dog is a fit and healthy 3 year old, and we have not made any claims for her. My previously dog was insured with another company and had a long term illness spanning many years with many claims made. But not once did the premiums ever increase by that kind of percentage. I never normally leave reviews, but I am disgusted at this increase and to be honest expected more from a company such as John Lewis. I hope that by adding this review to those already given, it will help others to make an informed decision about whether or not to take out a policy with them. I certainly would not recommend them to anyone, and I only wish I had seen these reviews a year ago.

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1/5   Dreadful   11 March 2017

Reviewed By: Mollie, Recommend:

After only one year cover and no claims ever in the life of our dog, John Lewis have raised our premium to a whopping £58.30 a month! Spoke to them on the phone and they were so indifferent it makes me wonder how anyone would renew with them. Cancelled without a second thought. Would NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.

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1/5   2/5   11 March 2017

Reviewed By: Chris, Recommend:

I have read the reviews on this page and unfortunately I have to agree with all the comments, we started using a company call Greenbee six years ago and they were absolutely brilliant and they would have been 5/5. A year or 2 after they were taken over by John Lewis and at around about the same our Springer Spaniel was diagnosed with Meningitis, this was after numerous tests & scans by a referral practice and again Greenbee/John Lewis were marvellous the claim was handled with care and quickly. When the time for the renewal came we were expecting a hefty increase, which never appeared, there was an increase but not as big as we were expecting. About 2 years ago everything seemed to change at JL, they tried to implement the standard massive increase all pet insurance company's do when dogs reach the age of 9, even though he had only just turned 8, I did what most of us do and went through the comparison site and to my surprise the best quote was John Lewis! So I phoned up to see if they would honour their online offer only to be told that renewals were non-negotiable and if I wanted the online offer I would have to cancel my renewal and take out a new policy which would mean any pre-existing conditions would not be covered, which I excepted. Roll on to May last year our dog started to develop severe problems with his back right leg yet again we were referred and it was found that he had a growth on his lower spine which was effecting his central nervous system and he was put on to a course of treatment, one of the drugs was an anti-inflammatory which was also used when he had meningitis and guess what, when we put in a claim it was rejected because the claim handler though that the name of the drug was what he had been diagnosed with, needless to say I complained and my complaint was up held. I have again just received the renewal and it is a 100% increase from last year. John Lewis were good a few years ago but something or someone within that organisation has ruined a company that used to genuinely care about their clients and their owners.

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 Agree with the comment about somebody within JL Pet Insurance ruining the set up. My problem is with a change to how they deal with ongoing meds claims. Up to now they have been paying for one of my dogs on basis of invoices submitted as appropriate. Now they want claim forms and detailed invoices. Not doing much for customer service, especially wher long standing policyholders are concerned. Whoever is responsible for the decision needs to consider what they have done.

comment by: Keith, 12 July 2017
 My insurance premium has gone up nearly 100% from £311 to £604..yes I did make a claim but it was only for £160! when I rang I also got the same old banter ...Age (my dog is 6) Vet fees gone up (my vets fees haven't gone up that much!)and the old chestnut premium tax. I have asked for a breakdown of the 100% increase.

comment by: jen, 5 June 2017
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