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LV pet insurance

County Gates

Two levels of coverage: essential and premier

Underwritten by Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company

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Reviews of LV pet insurance

1/5   Claims   8 February 2017

Reviewed By: Raffait, Recommend:

Beware Liverpool Victoria Pet Insurance. If you have ever taken your dog abroad in the EC on a Pet Passport, they will invalidate any claim you make on your policy unless you can provide evidence in the form of a report from the EC Vet you used to get your dog's Tapeworm Treatment tablet, which you have to do under DEFRA conditions before you can take your dog back home to the UK. The Vet's stamp in your Pet Passport is not sufficient evidence, so you have to get a written, stamped and certified statement from the EC Vet you used of the treatment they gave and the health assessment they made of your dog, otherwise Liverpool Victoria will reject your claim. I have used 7 French Vets over the past 7 years, and as they were unable to supply LV with such a report, my claim was rejected. This has happened to me on the only claim I have made on my policy in 7 years, and I have had to lodge an official complaint with the Financial Services Ombudsman.

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1/5   Policy renewal   15 October 2016

Reviewed By: Pat , Recommend:

Received my renewal for one year dog and felt the price increase was unacceptable. Phoned LV to advise I would not continue and was offered a requote , I accepted the offer but was told I would not be insured for the first two weeks if I accepted. I said this is unacceptable as It meant I would be on holiday and my dog would be left with no insurance whilst I was away. If I accepted the huge price increase it would just roll over but not for a requote. How. Can a company promoting dog insurance leave an existing customer in this position. At the end of the conversation the customer service person asked anything else I can help you with !!!! . I will never use LV again .

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2/5   claimed twice, price thendoubled now refuse to pay   21 September 2016

Reviewed By: rusty, Recommend:

LV were ok. Then we claimed, then the premium went up, ok, then we had another claim, then the premium went very high, now we have had to claim again, not huge amounts, but now they refuse to pay due to certain conditions not being met. we love our animal, insurance has been something we responsibly take into account. That just ended, i will never insure an animal ever again, and i will not recommend LV.

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1/5   Wouldnt touch   7 July 2016

Reviewed By: Annette Jones , Recommend:

Was with LV fir two years never claimed off them in that time...took my dog to the vets with a infected paw.... Vet gave us anti b and pain relief... Took her back to the vets 7 days later saw a different person there he said she had an allergy... I looked at her paw few days later saw a splinter in it....took her back to vets and said not an allergy she has something in her foot....they took her out the back but denied this and said still an allergy....put a claim into LV they sent email saying they would pay us out in next 5 days...then git an email saying ignore that email they weren't paying the claim as she had had an allergy in her ear in 2014 so they couldn't pay out for same thing....we never claimed for it and she never had an allergy problem since ... Tried to say to LV that we've been paying out 15.00 monthly and never claimed anything and how could they say they were paying us our claim then withdraw it.... Stopped using LV straight away what's the point if paying insurance if we can't claim on it for the very first time....very annoyed and would not recommend them to anyone

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5/5   Great service   23 June 2016

Reviewed By: Sian, Recommend:

My dog was bitten by an adder. She ended up with severe complications, and needed a blood transfusion and 2 days in hospital. It was a hefty bill. LV have just settled it with no hassle or quibbles. Communication was great. Would definitely recommend this company.

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1/5   DISGUSTING   29 October 2015

Reviewed By: Mrs F, Recommend:

This company cancelled my mother in laws insurance with no reason,and did not tell her,she only found out when her dog had an accident and became paralysed, she rang needing scans and surgery for him .They promised numerous times that they may reinstate the insurance as it was their mistake and the bank confirmed the direct debit was still open they just stopped taking the monthly payments, after a week of not getting calls back or a decision when she rings daily, her dog is still laying paralysed in pain his bed and without scans and treatment will most probably have to be put to sleep at 4 years old

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5/5   LV Were excellent   24 September 2015

Reviewed By: Lauren soar, Recommend:

We had our old Tyme bulldog insured with lv and he bless his heart was riddled with problems from an early age I.e skin conditions, ear infections and sadly at 2 he passed suddenly from heat stroke in April! Apparently very common in these breeds. LV paid two sets of vets fees and refunded the purchase price. i was dreading having to deal with the situation if they refused to pay as would make the whole thing ten time worse but within a matter of a couple of weeks it was all sorted. So a very big thank you LV

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5/5   1st claim   31 July 2015

Reviewed By: Thermalnermal, Recommend:

Made my first petime insurance claim for my dog recently for a cut paw. Cost over 500 to put it right. They sent the claim form promptly. Be careful you provide them with everything they ask for on the form. Returned the form and recieved payout within a week. Good communication through the process and no problems at all. No doubt premium will go up next year

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5/5   Excellent customer service   24 June 2015

Reviewed By: JBF, Recommend:

We had many questions after buying our new puppy and Ann from customer service answered all of our questions and helped us greatly. No claims filed yet, will update at that time.

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5/5   Peace of Mind   16 June 2015

Reviewed By: cheryl, Recommend:

We have filed many claims with LV and all have been paid promptly. Friendly service from the staff.

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1/5   Never again.   23 January 2015

Reviewed By: Josh, Recommend: N

Had my small dog insured with lv. Tried to make a claim and they made it as difficult as possible to do so. I cancelled the policy after having a conversation with a really horrible customer service rep. Had to wait 26 days for my refund it took a day for them to take it. Do not use LV they are parasites!

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 How right you are they are the worst instance company I have ever dealt with Move goals posts Ask for more and more info never phone you back once you say you wish to make a complaint Do not deal with them average time I wait for a pay out with them 2 months Pet plan 5 to 7 days for my other cats

comment by: Tony Wakley , 20 February 2016
 Hi, Just read your review, as I am looking to insure my dog for the first time (in 60+ years of owning dogs) and I was interested to see that someone from LV has been in touch with you! Was the outcome positive? Many thanks, Kay

comment by: Kay Sullivan, 16 August 2015
 Hi Josh I work for LV= and have picked up your review. We're sorry to read of your dissatisfaction with our customer service. We'd like the opportunity to look into this for you, so please email us your details to Regards Nick

comment by: Nick (LV=) , 12 February 2015
2/5   Make sure you read the exclusions   7 December 2014

Reviewed By: Meg, Recommend: N

Very sadly my dog had to be put to sleep following a haemorrhage - sudden and not expected. LV dont cover the cost of euthanasia or cremation amongst many other exclusions. I do not rate this company at all. I have had much better and more compehensive pet insurance from other companies. They also try to wriggle out of making any payment, citing fictitious pre existing conditions.

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 Perhaps it would be better to put money aside instead of paying to insurance companies in the hope that you find that they are ok in your hour of need. If you pay 25 per month it works out at 3000 after 10 years. Before insurance, if you could not afford 1000's of pounds in bills you had your pet put down, & got another. It worked perfectly well in those days & can again. Have you seen the amount of companies out there? They aint there to make a loss & they most certainly are not there in… (read more)

comment by: Phil, 26 January 2016
 Hi Meg I work for LV= and have picked up your review. I'm sorry to read of your dissatisfaction with our customer service. If you'd like us to look into this for you, please email us your details to Regards Nick

comment by: Nick (LV=) , 12 February 2015
2/5   Premium hike   7 October 2014

Reviewed By: Mark G, Recommend: N

Made a small claim after my terrier hurt a dew claw. Claimed 107 back after excess of renewal the price shoots up 36% so they can claw back their payout within 14 months.Reasons for this rip off included the ridiculous statement "There has been an increase in pet claims in your area". As a result I'm taking my pet, household and car insurance elsewhere. Way to go me off and lose around 800 per year!

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 In similar situation. Used them for first time in May.. the first time in my pups 3 and half years. The bill has gone up 50 from 330 which was high enough as is. They are now asking for 380. When queried they said it is because she is a year older. At this rate, what the hell will the bill be by the time she is 9yrs....illness or not.

comment by: anonymous, 5 October 2015
2/5   Dragging heels   11 October 2013

Reviewed By: janice matthews, Recommend: N

I had only been with LV since June after taking out cover for my staffie. She was coming up for 10. She started a cough over the Aug bank holiday and within 2 weeks was diagnosed with lung cancer and pts. That was a month ago and LV still saying 5 working days! Have made phone calls and sent emails. Think they are looking for a way out!

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3/5   Not helpfull   16 August 2013

Reviewed By: Dozy, Recommend: N

I was going to insure my to dogs with this company. From the reviews I think I will give it a miss

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1/5   POOR SERVICE   21 June 2013

Reviewed By: M Hayton, Recommend: N

Requested a claim form for one of our cats which had treatment and then had be put to sleep, after two weeks and 5 phone calls. They continue to say 3 to 5 working days for delivery and its royal mails fault. Will not keep our other cat insurance with them.

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1/5   Extremely Rude Customer Service Person   13 August 2011

Reviewed By: Penny , Recommend: N

I recently started my premium pet insurance with LV(17th July).On checking my bank statement I noticed they had taken my initial payment twice, one on 22 july and one on 1st Aug.Both entries clearly state "initial payment" When I rang to tell them, the clown at LV said she couldn't see any payment taken twice and there was no way for her to check this. I was told that the only way I could get my money back was to send her my bank statement!! (as if) Apparently her manager? agreed with her. For a company like LV it's disgusting that they have no way of checking monies that come to them via their customers other than requesting ones bank statement. After a heated discussion she was adamant that this would be the only way I could get my payment refunded. I've had car insurance with LV for quite some time and have only ever been treated with courtesey unlike the rude,arragont person that dealt with my query in the Pet Insurance dept. CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING SPRINGS TO MIND. Direct debit cancelled.

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 I had the same problem with Animal Friends about 2 premiums for both of my cats being taken out within a few days of each other.

comment by: Trina, 19 May 2014
1/5   Over a month still no money   11 April 2011

Reviewed By: amanda, Recommend: N

Am still waiting for 2 lots of insurance claims to be filed and paid first one is dated 11th march on their records customer service is terrible one of their staff told me to stop moaning as everyon is still waiting. not happy!

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 Hi redcat,This shoudn't harm your cat, but it might make Snooker gain weight. It's generally not recommended. I would recommend feeding Binky at set times of day in a separate room with a closed door to avoid this from happening. I'd also check out Snooker's food to make sure that it is good quality. He might be lacking something in his diet or bored with his food.Please inquire further if you have more questions. DerrickMuddy Paws

comment by: Vance, 9 September 2012
1/5   LV wont pay out   28 March 2011

Reviewed By: Jake Harris, Recommend: N

I made a claim for an injury to my dog 6 weeks later still waiting for the money from thos 'nice people' at LV as the adverts goes, they keep saying that there is a problem with their computers, then they asked for a 12 months vet history for the dog, I explaind that he dog is only 7 months old but they still insist on 12 months history because their system asks for that data, when I took out the insurance they were aware of the animals age. This insurance is a complete waste of time and I will be going to the small claims court for compensation.

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 Insurance is based off the law of large #'s. Everyone puts in some money for the few people that may place a claim. I utsrednand you may have a great driving record and don't plan to have an accident. But that's the meaning of an accident, no one plans to have one. I am in the United States so I am not sure if the UK operates the same way, but here its illegal to drive without insurance. If your parents are alive I don't think they would want to risk their house. But if you own your parents… (read more)

comment by: Jodie, 9 September 2012
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