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ASDA pet insurance

The Connect Centre
Kingston Crescent

phone: 0800 181 4904

multiple levels of cover available for dogs and cats: Lifetime Cover with 3 options for amount of cover per year; 12 Month cover with 2 options for the amount of cover per condition; and Accident Only Cover.

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Reviews of ASDA pet insurance

2/5   Very Disappointed   7 November 2018

Reviewed By: Siobhan, Recommend:

My beautiful dog passed away in May and I have only just had the claim settled this week!!!! This is after I have had to chase all the vets information they wanted as they denied ever receiving any emails despite the vets cc me into the email trail I had to do this 3 times July sept and oct as I was being chased to settle the bill, and now right before Christmas I am left with the bill to pay for the deficit which is over £1000 after so many 'deductions' which is not good at this expensive time of the year! Am very disappointed at this really hard time and won't be using them again...definately avoid!

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2/5   Cheap as long as you donít claim   13 August 2018

Reviewed By: Julie Watkins, Recommend:

Very good price but, when the claim came for an injury the case was not looked at for a long time and then the catís previous, irrelevant, history was an excuse to stall and avoid settling the claim quickly. The claims staff pushed back chasing the vet for previous history to me as a cover for failing to do their job. I donít know why irrelevant history of no previous treatment other than routine jabs was wanted apart from stalling. I am not paid to do their claims work for them. Very poor, very unhelpful on the phone and clearly trying to get out of settling the claim based on this experience.

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5/5   Really caring experience   6 July 2018

Reviewed By: Peter Jones, Recommend:

I had superior cover for my cocker spaniel for 9 years and sure premiums rise but doesn't everything ??? Happily I had no claims until this year when unfortunately she passed away last month. All the initial claims for medication etc were dealt with quickly but the service I received when she passed away was exemplary. They dealt with the two claims within a week and I was reimbursed within 10 days. Every e mail I received started with their condolences. The whole process was easy at a time when I didn't need any bother. Definitely use them again

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1/5   Very disappointing!   27 June 2018

Reviewed By: Denise Glen, Recommend:

After over 15 years with Asda pet insurance Iím cancelling it from tomorrow 1st ever claim and deduction after deduction Iím getting £40 something pounds of them Iím paying over £50 a month dosnt even cover 1 month and after 15 year I think this stinks ! We will never use them Again and seriously suggest after paying every month for over 15 years nobody ever uses these insurance sharks !!!!!!!

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2/5   4 months and still nothing   6 June 2018

Reviewed By: Suze, Recommend:

In Feb they were great, emailed claim form, all lovely. We filled in our bit, vet did their bit and sent it off. Now June and they say they haven't received it. The emails I got in Feb no longer work. A guy phoned us and had no record of our address change or claim. Vet had to call them to find out where/how to re-send the form as the info on the form was wrong. Having now seen these reviews I wonder what if anything we'll receive and now the dog has another health issue that's going to be interesting!

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1/5   Total Rip Off   15 April 2018

Reviewed By: Mark , Recommend:

For those of you considering taking out Pet Insurance, take my advice and AVOID AT ALL COSTS. We submitted 2 claims in March, totalling approximately £480. After numerous delaying tactics, we received 2 cheques a couple of days ago, with deductions of over £200. They deducted a claim for a home visit to our dog (even when when pointed out that our dog couldn't stand up) and was therefore unable to get to the Vets. They also deducted an amount of £39 claiming the vet charged too much, what did they expect us to do, haggle with the vet when he pricing up our Dog's medication?? We have been with Asda pet insurance for over 10 years and have only ever submitted two claims (only ONE was paid out) in that time and this is the way they treat you!! I would also like to point out that they denied receiving numerous E mails I had sent them, despite them sending me an automated response saying they would get back to me as soon as possible?? From reading other reviews, clearly I'm NOT ALONE in my opinions of this Company! Don't go near them.

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5/5   Very pleased indeed!   14 April 2018

Reviewed By: Ted, Recommend:

I am sitting here reading these reviews and am shocked by the ratings. I can only speak from my experience but I have been DELIGHTED with the policy. We have both our dogs covered with them and get money off our premiums for this. We have the superior lifetime cover of £7500. Our dog became ill last year with vomiting. Appointment at vet which quickly led to an emergency operation as they thought he had a blockage. 24 hours after op he was transferred to specialist vet hospital as there was concern he had a neurological issue. Thankfully not but because he had abdominal surgery he ended up with ileus. He stopped eating all together and had to have a feeding tube fitted. Thankfully he fully recovered but it was the worst couple of weeks of our lives! Total bill between vets and specialist hospital was nearly £5000. I rang the insurance, they sent me a claim form, I put minimal info on, took one to vet and one to hospital and only got notified by specialist hospital of outstanding amoun following the settlement they had received from the insurance. All I had to pay was £75 excess and £30ish for specialist food. Simple as that! I worried that my premium would go through the roof on renewal but was happy to find the annual premium had gone up by £48 for the year but our other dogs premium went down by £20 for the year. Even if I had paid this premium for the whole of our dogs life, it wouldnít have cost me as much as this 1 claim. I think a couple of these reviews could be down to people not knowing exactly what level of cover they have and knowing what is included/excluded in policy.

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 What I have found Mark is that after reading a lot of the reviews of pet insurance companies on this site (not just Asda) the majority of ratings are poor. People tend to be more open to rate companies if they have had a bad experience rather than receiving a good service/experience. I felt I wanted to share my experience which I am well within my rights to do. Just because your experience was bad does not make it the ďlawĒ that everyoneís is...I am sure there are many people out there who have… (read more)

comment by: Ted, 29 April 2018
 You are obviously the exception to the rule as I think 95% of people on this site are VERY unhappy with this Insurance! Common theme's here are RIP OFF and Extremely LONG delays in settling claims and YES i do check my policy.

comment by: Mark , 16 April 2018
1/5   NOT to be recommended   8 February 2018

Reviewed By: Jonathan, Recommend:

We have had our dog insured on the Superior policy for six years. March 2017 we made a claim for a short stay in hospital for a stomach upset. The total bill was £512 of which ASDA pet insurance paid only £292, and that was after numerous phone calls. We have just received our invitation to renew her policy which has gone up by 72% from £552 to £951. We have of course advised them as to where to put their renewal !

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1/5   Terrible, expensive, unfair   31 January 2018

Reviewed By: BEC, Recommend:

Really happy to start with them, but our premiums have QUADRUPLED in the last 2 years. Total rip off merchants. Yes we have made essential claims, but they have upped the cost so much I think they actually want us to leave. Unbelievable. Avoid like the plague, we signed as prices looked good. They are liars.

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 Totally agree with your comments, they have had our claims for weeks now and are using as many delaying tactics as possible. I t was only when we registered an official complaint that we were told there is a letter and cheque in the post, apparently, WITH NUMEROUS DEDUCTIONS?? What is the point in filing in a claim form with BACS transfer details on when they allegedly sent you a cheque? (more delaying tactics??)

comment by: Mark Jones, 11 April 2018
1/5   Avoid at all costs   18 January 2018

Reviewed By: Amy Westran, Recommend:

Worst insurer I have ever been with. Its now nearly 2 months since my claim was submitted and still no payment - it took them 3 weeks to add to the system. Also on my previous claim they were supposed to pay the moment to the vets but instead paid it to me. I was moving house at the time so didn't notice the money coming in then 7 months later got a call from the vet saying I had to pay the whole balance as Asda had messed up. Finally the numbers on the website don't work, an automated messages suggests that you call another number but how am I supposed to do this whilst am on the phone already having call the other number. Absolute embarrassment of an insurer.

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1/5   Better off having no pet insurance   13 November 2017

Reviewed By: Mrs Gray, Recommend:

The worse pet insurance I have a have they refuse everything. All the want is your premiums and never pay out, Leave you waiting for months then tell you your claim unsuccessful for no legitimate reasons. Never again I am demanding all my premiums back

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2/5   How are we to know!!   20 September 2017

Reviewed By: Brenda, Recommend:

My dog was in pain when itook her to our vets, i was told she needed xrays to determine the problem which i agreed too, she was prescribed a painkiller and told she may need to see a neurologist for a back problem, cutting the story short she has had to have mri scan and surgery, i put my first claim in and they have questioned the charge of the painkiller and paid out £10 less i know this isnt much but its the principle, how is the pet owner to know if the cost of the drugs is over the average we would pay anything for our furry friends to be out of pain, i'm just waiting on the claim for the mri scan and surgery plus medication which was carried out at a vetinary hospital, lets see what they try to get out of paying now!!!!

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2/5   Rip off   2 September 2017

Reviewed By: Julie, Recommend:

I have life time cover for my dog who has just turned 3 years old. Last year we made a claim (£550) as our dog had gastroenteritis. The policy last year cost £210 this year £330. I could not believe it. I went onto a comparison website and was quoted approx £18 per month with Asda. I asked them to match the price but they said they couldn't. Like other reviews mention, once you've made a claim and you were to change companies you would not be covered for this pre-existing condition. To me gastroenteritis should not be listed as a pre existing condition as it is something anyone can get at any time. If my dog was diagnosed with diabetes or heart condition I could understand. I also have another dog and cat insurance with them. I have decided not to review these and instead save the money. I am also going to make enquiries about cancelling this policy

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1/5   Nothing for 11 years loyalty   24 June 2017

Reviewed By: Amy, Recommend:

I've been with Asda since my cat was a kitten 11 years ago. I had one fairly small claim around 5 years ago that was handled agreeably. However, last September my cat had to have a small lump removed from her mouth, this claim took nearly 3 months to finalise. At one point there was a discrepancy over the cat's date of birth. She was found as a stray at around 5 weeks old so I am unaware of her actual dob and always say 1st August as a near-enough date. My vet happened to put down 5th August on the claim form (for reasons best known to himself). This resulted in a two week delay of emails and long phone calls. Anyway renewal day arrives, they no longer post a renewal notice but deliver it by email instead. I happened to miss this one email and found out through a bank statement that my monthly payments had gone up from £18 to £35. I realise that my cat is getting older and understand that my premium will go up but doubled?? I put his down to having the audacity to make a claim. Beware

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1/5   total rip off   10 February 2017

Reviewed By: Sheila , Recommend:

Our cavalier is 8 years old and sadly over the last couple of years has developed firstly epilepsy and then diabetes. Obviously the premium has gone up as we have had to make a lot of claims BUT, last year £ 47 per month, this year £ 85 !!!!! in addition we also pay the first 10% of claims. To make matters worse, although we have always paid for lifetime cover, they now charge the excess on every condition each time the policy renews ! This means another £170 every January. Over a year this makes a total of approximately £ 1,200 per year plus the 10% each time we claim which is obviously ongoing due to meds etc. We are both pensioners and finding the cost of insuring our much loved pet crippling. I thought insurance was to help when your pet was poorly but seems more like a savings scheme to me.

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5/5   Happy and easy to use   12 January 2017

Reviewed By: Jane draper, Recommend:

My three year old dog cut her paw needed to be seen by out of hours vet with follow ups I contacted asda pet insurance for claim form emailed me forms next day forms completed by the vet. 24 hours later insurance company sent email to say payment would be paid in five days all done and sorted very happy with the quick response

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1/5   Avoid at all cost and it will cost!!   17 November 2016

Reviewed By: parke, Recommend:

Paid for the Superior cover for my little dog, he needed a small simple op. phoned and checked to be told you are superior cover so there will be no problems turns out this is WRONG! Op Ł400, Asda pet insurance pay Ł170 the rest is not covered, so add the Ł230 in addition to what we pay for our annual premium and we are very out of pocket. Do not use this company put your premium in the pets bed as this is our first claim and our dog is 6 years old we would be quids in!!

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1/5   Rip Off Lifetime Policy   8 October 2016

Reviewed By: Jill Holland, Recommend:

Having looked for new insurance last year I found Asda as a competitive policy, read it through and took it out, Made one claim in February for pancreatitis (stomach complaint) policy has just come for renewal and its over double. I called to ask why it had gone from £16.50 per month to £33.50 per month to be told that my dogs category was now classed as a higher risk. What they mean is now i'm tied in and cant go anywhere else in case he gets another stomach complaint (becomes a known condition, which wont be covered by another insurer) they can charge me what the hell they like. I've got another dog with the co-op and although he's now diabetic and will be poorly forever they only increased my policy by 8% this year. Well done Co-Op you are brilliant. Asda you are criminals and everybody should know it.

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 Reading your great Review convinced me to avoid Asda Pet Insurance like the plague! Picking up my Pup in 2wks so have been looking online for 'Full Life' cover. Found your experience very informative: that is a real crafty move on the part of Asda!! Thanks again. Pet Owners like me rely on honest caring pet owners like you to 'tell it as it is' so that we can avoid these obvious money-grabbers before we get sucked in! Hope your Dogy's feeling better x

comment by: Mrs Double Ewe!, 17 October 2016
1/5   Said never ever again   2 October 2015

Reviewed By: Valerie Hutchinson, Recommend:

Last claim was a nightmare Three months to resolve but now because I did not change (my own silly fault). It has started today for my second dog. Phoned for claim form a week ago. Dog went in for op. Today. Phoned 20 mins to see where my claims form was but could not get through. 25mins later customer service answered. Had to go all through questions to be told I will put you through to claims. I said you will be lucky. Tried to put me through and cut me off. Tried claims for 15mins. And had to go through it all again. Told it takes 5 days to arrive. Text on Monday said claim form had been sent out. THIS IS ONLY GETTING THE FORM.

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3/5   No quibble but not lifetime!   25 February 2015

Reviewed By: Pat, Recommend: Y

I thought that I had bought lifetime cover and it ran out once we reached the maximum per condition.

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5/5   Easy to use, No problems   3 February 2014

Reviewed By: Stuart Conway, Recommend: Y

Our cat badly cut her paw. The vet dealt with Asda directly and we had to do very little other than contact Asda initially and supply policy number to the vet. Vet also said that Asda were never a problem.

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 Did you find that their premiums increased after a year?

comment by: Mr Phelps, 20 November 2015
1/5   Never again   24 January 2014

Reviewed By: Kate, Recommend: N

Have had cover for my 2 cats with Asda for 10 years without a significant claim - then one cat developed epilepsy in early October last year, the other broke his leg 3 weeks later. Nov/Dec spent jumping through paperwork hoops, received a confirmation e-mail just before Christmas stating that I would be paid in 5 days. Despite weekly calls to Customer Services am still waiting at the end of January. Considering legal action to recover my money. Will never use them again.

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 Been looking all day to find a good Pet Insurance plan for our pup (get in 2 wks x). Going for 'Full Life' plans only. Read your review, and many others regarding Asda's poor customer service/willingness to pay up promptly and we think we'll give Asda a swerve! As if its not bad enough having to take a poorly Pet to the Vet - you have to 'fight' to get the service you have paid for! Thanks for your Review: very useful. And do hope your cats are well x

comment by: Mrs Double Ewe!, 17 October 2016
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